Recommended Humidifier?


Hey guys was wanting to know if yall had any suggestions on a reasonably priced humidifier?

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$20 bucks in Walmart in the pharmacy section.


@Countryboyjvd1971 and I had a huge discussion on humidifiers and i was going to go buy one of those $20 special humidifiers, but I had one a few years ago and I got dust all over from the minerals in my water and the cool mist feature of those $20 specials.

@Matthew420 also had the same issue in his grow with the white mineral dust.

I decided to spend a little more money (about $90 for a good one) and buy an evaporation humidifier. I have been using it for about 4 days now and I am very satisfied with it. The one I bough has a digital thermostat. You set it for what RH you want and set the fan speed level 1-2-3 or Auto fill it with water and your all set. It takes care of the rest. A little anti-bacterial in the water with every refill and replace the “Wick” every season/ year and your all set.

The difference is that the wick holds the minerals and doesn’t mist them into the air, the fan pulls fresh air through the wick and the evaporating moist cool air is expelled out the top of the unit.

Here is the one I bought, but there are other both lower and higher in price. This one has great reviews and a good warranty and is easy to use and maintain!


Well stated @bob31 and is what I recommend as a hvac professional
You’ll be much happier with a Evaporative type humidifier .
Place it out side tent and allow passive intakes or intake fan to pull moist air into tent
They are a bit more money but you’ll maintain proper humidity
Good luck and if I can help further just tag me bro @Swan1234


I started off just tagging you and then the next thing I knew I sounded like you lol my brother was hvac out in ohio and taught me a little over the years, so when you and I were discussing this I was like jeez, CB sounds like my little brother. @Countryboyjvd1971


Lmao that’s funny bro no worries you hit it out of the park buddy all good love it when I explain stuff to someone and they get it the first time lol
The knowledge is yours now to use as you like @bob31


You will always get the credit. Thats just how I roll! @Countryboyjvd1971


Much appreciated bro but not necessary I’m just happy to be able to help bob


And the price dropped on this when I just clicked it it’s $75.99 with coupon you can use at checkout @Swan1234

oops…didn’t realize I was on an old post. But it’s still on sale :smile:


@Countryboyjvd1971 Looking for one that has a manual turn on/shut off feature. Hooking it up to a humidity controller. Couldn’t tell if the one you have does? Thanks
My TaoTronics I have to turn it on each time I turn things back on.