Recommended Humidifier?

Hey guys was wanting to know if yall had any suggestions on a reasonably priced humidifier?

$20 bucks in Walmart in the pharmacy section.

@Countryboyjvd1971 and I had a huge discussion on humidifiers and i was going to go buy one of those $20 special humidifiers, but I had one a few years ago and I got dust all over from the minerals in my water and the cool mist feature of those $20 specials.

@Matthew420 also had the same issue in his grow with the white mineral dust.

I decided to spend a little more money (about $90 for a good one) and buy an evaporation humidifier. I have been using it for about 4 days now and I am very satisfied with it. The one I bough has a digital thermostat. You set it for what RH you want and set the fan speed level 1-2-3 or Auto fill it with water and your all set. It takes care of the rest. A little anti-bacterial in the water with every refill and replace the “Wick” every season/ year and your all set.

The difference is that the wick holds the minerals and doesn’t mist them into the air, the fan pulls fresh air through the wick and the evaporating moist cool air is expelled out the top of the unit.

Here is the one I bought, but there are other both lower and higher in price. This one has great reviews and a good warranty and is easy to use and maintain!


Well stated @bob31 and is what I recommend as a hvac professional
You’ll be much happier with a Evaporative type humidifier .
Place it out side tent and allow passive intakes or intake fan to pull moist air into tent
They are a bit more money but you’ll maintain proper humidity
Good luck and if I can help further just tag me bro @Swan1234

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I started off just tagging you and then the next thing I knew I sounded like you lol my brother was hvac out in ohio and taught me a little over the years, so when you and I were discussing this I was like jeez, CB sounds like my little brother. @Countryboyjvd1971

Lmao that’s funny bro no worries you hit it out of the park buddy all good love it when I explain stuff to someone and they get it the first time lol
The knowledge is yours now to use as you like @bob31

You will always get the credit. Thats just how I roll! @Countryboyjvd1971

Much appreciated bro but not necessary I’m just happy to be able to help bob

And the price dropped on this when I just clicked it it’s $75.99 with coupon you can use at checkout @Swan1234

oops…didn’t realize I was on an old post. But it’s still on sale :smile:

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Looking for one that has a manual turn on/shut off feature. Hooking it up to a humidity controller. Couldn’t tell if the one you have does? Thanks
My TaoTronics I have to turn it on each time I turn things back on.

I’m looking for a humidifier that turns on manually as well. I would love to hear some suggestions on this. I can’t afford the bigger more professional ones. I’d love to hear some suggestions on this.

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I don’t have one yet from them but I will soon. Please note that I am using RO water for my humidification so I am not worried about white dust from my hard tap water anymore.
This is a great option for a controllable humidifier using a humidity controller like the inkbird brand.
Hope this helps!

You have to build the container housing but looks simple enough to do.

Most will have built in controls and will be in a stand by mode of power is disconnected you could look into a freestanding commercial style unit that’s designed to work off external controls
Mine has different humidity settings and I dial it in to desired humidity levels
Also I humidify and or cool my whole basement and where my grow rooms are located and allow my intake fans to pull the air back into rooms

I do have one that is just a knob and it works ok, but I need about 3 which are still less money than a commercial unit. Hah, I guess I also need a dehumidifier. It would be nice to have a little more control over my environment. I’ve managed to maintain a decently controlled environment but humidity can swing sometimes 30% which is way too much and I have to more or less constantly monitor. It sure would be nice to get something closer to set it and forget it. I’m not always able to check and adjust things. Thanks for the suggestions.

Vick’s Cool Mist Humidifier works great. I bought it at CVS and have it hooked up to my Inkbird controller. Also run a small cool mister that was recommended sometimes with the Vicks Humidifier

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buy a crane that ionizes the water with a dial that lets you adjust how much its putting out. I bought the vicks warm mist and hate it. I used to use a crane when I grew shrooms it gives off a nice fog effect.

Thanks for the input on the Vicks. I looked at it awhile back. I don’t think it’s for me. I would have to get two or three maybe. Most Humidifiers kinda suck. The Crane might work. Can you plug it into an external control unit like a Titan, PlugNGrow, or Inkbird? I may have to simply hack one and take out the automatic control and wire it straight on and off. That’s a pain and isn’t guaranteed to work… Anyway thanks.

I noticed you have 3 x 3 by 5ft tent. My tent is 3 x5 by 7ft and the Vicks Cool Mist works great for me. Granted i just have started my actual grow but being new to this i wanted to get everything dialed in first. Started testing with tomato and flower seeds and glad i did because it was definitely a learning experience. The right heater and humidifier in conjunction with the Inkbird controllers got to me were exactly i needed to be. With the right tools and knowledge we can all do this. Happy growing my friend!

Hey! It’s a bit smaller than 3x3ft, maybe 2.5 square. I would like a bigger tent. In any case i had 2 humidifiers in my set up and in Feb and March it has been a little tricky to get my humidity up to 60-65% for the vegetative and to 50%+ for early flower. I’ve noticed that they seem to grow better when the humidity is up. Something to do with VPD I guess. As it warms up I don’t think humidity will be difficult to raise but to lower it will be another story. :confused: I’m basically looking for someone who has experience with humidifiers and dehumidifiers that turn on when you simply plug or unplug a.k.a. open or close the power supply circuit without paying too much money. Most humidifiers and dehumidifiers that I see online seem either over $300 or have automatic shutoff and stuff like that for homes. There’s go to be a solution. Thousands if not millions of people are growing weed and have or are having to solve this problem. Heh. I’d like to automate the grow as much as possible. I did recently buy the PULSE to measure and record my environment for the next grow. Since summer is coming up I bought a couple Rapid LED 2’x2’s to decrease noise with the fans. There is always something… That wasn’t cheap but it’s the best for the money that I can tell and I don’t want to skimp on that part of the environment for cost/efficiency sake. I’m trying to do all this on the DL and pull as much as I can out of as many strands as possible while also working away from home. Ahahahaha. The impossible…

I’ve been using a 1 gallon Honeywell “Basketball” humidifier - but I like that AirCare unit!
(they are down to $60 now) most especially because it has a 2.5 gallon reservoir