Recommended germination lighting

You recommend 60watt CFL tubes for germination. What type of fixture is used for these bulbs? Are they the 2 or 4 pin bulbs? If so,where to get a fixture for them? Are there any regular screw in bulbs that will work?

Welcome to ILGM forum. I don’t use CFL Bulbs. Noticed you seemed to be directing question to someone. If you need to get someone’s attention just type @hbugsyc then their name.

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I don’t use a light during this process as my bathroom is in total darkness.

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You don’t need any lights for germination, but you need them immediately after the plant sprouts.
Use a 32 watt 6500K CFL bulb. You can put up to 2 plants under it. I like to use a parabolic clamp light as it is easy to mount to pretty much anything, and also easy to reposition. Mount the bulb around 4-6 inches above the plant.

The bulbs won’t have pins. They will have an E26 (Edison Screw) base. Like this, but with a higher wattage:

Additonal tip: don’t forget to put humidity domes over your seedlings…


Thanks for the help,I ordered the bulb and clamp on fixture recommended…I was referring to the germination guide for guaranteed results. I see that it is the next step after seed sprouts…Thanks again…I’ll check back with further questions and progress reports.


Does any body know the PAR measure for when the seeds sprout?