Recommendations welcome for breathable Fabric Grow Pots?

Hi. Would like a recommendation for Fabric Grow Pots please. Have concerns my plants need more oxygen, think I’ll try fabric planters, thanks

Pretty much anything on Amazon will work, Vivo-sun is one name brand, but I don’t think it matters that much.

These are the ones I use and they work great.


Thanks. Those are large, 7 gallons. I’m indoors, would you recommend I start with 1, 3 then 5 gallon (then 7 if plants ever get that big)…. not sure how well transplanting from cloth would be. Or just use 1 size from the start?

It’s really hard to transplant with these things, that’s their only downfall. For indoors I use 5 gallon pots for photos, and 3 gallon for autos.

Edit: you can use one size, many people do especially if they’re autos. Just plant your seedling into its final home, but DON’T water to runoff until they’re big enough to fill the pot with roots.


I know what autos are, what are photos? Just regular seeds (and feminized) ?

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I use 1gal til they’re about 18" then switch to 5 gal For photos. I usually go straight to 3 gal for autos because it’s so easy to stunt them @Stryder1961

I start in solo cups, move to 1 gal plastic containers, then into 7 gal fabric pots for their final home.
I bought these and I’m on my 2nd grow with them. No complaints.

Photos are regular feminine plants. They flower only when the light is at 12/12 indoors, or when the light gets to 12 hours outdoors, like in the autumn.

sounds like a good system, two transplants then into their final growing medium, cool, thanks

I only grow photo period plants. Autos might not like the replanting.

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I start mine in solo cups with dome outside in the shade, 5-7 days after sprout I replant into grow bags. You definitely need to monitor soil, only downside I can think of. My first grow was in plastic 5 gal planters and I had drainage issues. Switched to bags for my current 9 and the girls love them.

Heres a six pack of 5 gal fabric pots

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