Recommendations on seeds

Hi all!

I’m looking for recommendations on a plant that will give you the giggles? I’m looking for laughter… I’m sure that this is a pretty open question as i’m sure most would do this however i’m looking for your favorite and any you would recommend?
Appreciate your time.


Your right about that. I think the thing is that how each person can be affected differently by any given strain. I tend like a more indica dominant strain in general. It tends to give me a sense of wellbeing and makes me smile a lot…Once you get some recommendations if you haven’t went to ILGM store site go and read about those strains. They give excellent reviews and descriptions of their different strains.


I agree with @Bulldognuts, ILGM do give great reviews, indepth info on grow requirements, how many weeks of flower, details of plant size and yield and it’s always enjoyable watching Janey smoke various strains, she’s cute :wink:


My Grandaddy Purple gives me a very “pick me up” social high. Kinda makes me feel light on my feet, and really happy/talkative. Jack Herer was another one that gave me those uppity, happy mood highs. Either of those is a good one. I would suggest any of the dominant sativas for what your after.


This is a good example of what I was saying about how different strains effect people differently. I currently have GDP and it has a different effect on me. Like I was saying it gives me a happy high but more of a sense of wellbeing than anything. I agree with @imSICKkid you should probably look at the sativa dominate strains. :+1:


I didnt even want to open the chapter on phenotypes and their expressions lmao just point at the sativa seeds and find a pheno that you like.

You could buy a 10 pack of GDP and all 10 may smoke different lol


My purple bud leaves me totally chilled with a great feeling of wellbeing. Really enjoyable :sunglasses:

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