Recommendations on fabric grow bags

Ok so I’m trying to decide if I should go with 15 gallon grow bags or a 20 gallon.

First question would be what is the dimension of the bags?

As I have a 4x4x80” grow tent I just want to make sure I have enough space for the fabric bags. I’m going to do a test run with just 1 plant so I need to ensure my tent has the space for the bag and a monster plant. With only 1 plant I need to make sure the harvest is well past the 1 lb mark.

Second question would be to go with what brand. Thanks in advance for input.


Sorry, no recommendation, but wow, you must be planning on growing some monster plants. Please journal it as I’d like to follow along.

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I’ve used 3, 5, 7 and 30 gal fabric pots.

How big are you planning to grow this beast? Tbh plants in 7 gal cloth pots will outgrow my 78” height tent if I let them. 20 gal is pretty large.

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@Drinkslinger I want my entire 16 sq feet filled to the breaking point. I don’t care if I have to take the sides off my tent. Use curtains to block out light.

This run will be to grow the biggest plant indoors as possible. I want a Monster plant. Gotta be because I need to get enough stash off of it to last me to the next grow cycle.

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Hey, @MrPeat I haven’t used 15 or 20. I did use 10 on last grow. They were about 14 inches across when filled with soil. Don’t know if that helps. I use dirt pot by Hydrofarm. They are nice and thick.

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@Bulldognuts That helps…how tall?

OK, isn’t anyone going to say that bag is overkill? you could fill a tent that size with a 7 gallon. 4 feet is not that big. Just veg your plant longer. Outside use for that large of a pot. JMO

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On the 10, they are 11 inches.

@Dick I have filled the tent in a 5 gallon bucket filled 1/2 way up with FFOF soil. That isn’t an issue for me as I do grow big plants indoors.

Since this project is going to take longer, I need to ensure the total weight is a min of 1 lb dry. Since this project and the next grow cycle will take between the 2 cycles over 9 months.

So I have to have a monster plant with monster colas. My GSC Beast yielded 8 z’s dry and that plant went from June to Nov.


Four tens would definitely fill up a 4x4.

I got some avg measurements for fabric pots for you: 7gal 13wx12h, 10gal 14.5wx13h. 15gal 15wx16h, 20gal 19wx15h, 25gal 19wx19h, 30gal 21wx19h. Hope this helps :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:

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@repins12 Thanks bro…that is what I was needing.

My GSC Beast with only about 1/4 of all her roots. It did stretch over 8 feet solid roots. So much that I can’t even get the dirt off of them.

Anytime my brother :v:

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I have every size from 5gal-30gal. I will probably use somewhere between 20-30gal outside in the spring. I’m hoping to do a little better this time, the plant I just harvested was kinda a test run, crappy soil, crappy nutrients and crappy lighting until I finally got my tent set up. I wish that I would have gone straight to LED, my HID set up only got a little over a month use if that by the time I got up and running

@repins12 Understand…I spent $1250 on lights. I wouldn’t have if I would have joined here when I started growing back in May 2018.

I did a lot of research so I was happy with what I had till I joined here and learned about HLG lights. I wish I knew about them back then.


I had bought a few of the internet LED’s myself, was able to get most of my money back, the rest I kept for my fruit tree project. I bought the 1000w MH/HPS air cooled, wasn’t sure that I wanted to drop the cash for the proper LED, and the more the more I read and the more I saw, I had to have them. Now my brand new HID set up will be back up or possibly another tent

My sister would kill me if I turned the one room into an entire grow tent. I may have to get another tent for drying. This grow cycle is gonna have some nice total weight.

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I can’t wait to watch, be sure to tag me in brother

Will do bro…I’m really looking forward to this between Jan 2020 to Feb 2020. Depending on how fast these 4 plants finish. One is lagging behind but I did do several chomps on her top cola.

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I just ordered Vivosun 15 gallon grow pots.

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