Recommendations for setup

A question from a fellow grower:

I have yesterday moved my seedlings from under a 26w fluorescent light and into my tent under this high power dual spectrum 300w CFL. I’ve noticed what looks like some stretch so hopefully this new new light will help. I’m spraying the plants 3 times a day with plain tap water.
Have you got any recommendations for my set up.

The coco coir seems to have settled over the last few days leaving the level low. Is it OK to top up and cover some of the main stem.

I’ve not added any nutrients at all yet.

I would not advise spraying your plants. Spray the medium, not the leaves.

Yes, you can top off the coco coir.

You have a lot of plants there. Perhaps too many for your tent. What were you planning to do before you planted all those seeds? :slight_smile:

Hi, you should probably pH adjust the water you using to mist the plants -good luck

Don’t spray the leaves? Please tell me I’m taking this out of context. Perhaps it’s different indoor?

I mist my girls outside when the soil has enough moisture. I was hoping this was helping with respiration. Is this one of the mistakes I’ve been making?

Florida has high humidity but when we don’t get a lot of rain, the leaves just look like they want moisture too. I’ve never had mold or rot issues, except those damned worms that blend so well with the buds. Stll, no rot, just killed the bud.