Recommendations for Products that kill weed odor?

Hey friends, I was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations for odor neutralizing products, strong enough to kill much or all of the weed smell for indoor grows? Only have a couple plants at a time & I have already had success with the Ono Gel- but I was wondering if there were any other more cheaper odor gel brands out there that did just as good a job. THANKS!


Carbon filter/air blower if you have your grown in a confined space.


Hey medman did the Ono gel take your plants smell? The reason I ask is that I read reports that the bud didn’t have any smell when using Ono gel

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Yes I have ono with 35 cfm lid fan and The Whole house smells like apple crumble :+1::+1::+1: I got it on eBay 1 lb pail and fan 80 or so $$.

Hey @Wigsplit I was wandering if the bud grown around the Ono gel still had ITS aroma, I could’ve swore I read something that said it took the smell

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No sir I don’t have in the tent :tent:️ I have it into the room where the tent is. So really if your planning to put it in the tent I don’t know.

I did not keep the Ono gel in the grow closet/tent. I kept it outside of the grow area just to make sure the smell does not get outside my residence. Keeping an odor gel as strong as Ono right next to your plants will definitely have a negative affect on the weed scent and flavor.

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But still my search continues…there are many odor gel products out there that are a lot cheaper than Ono but I am wanting to know if there are any that are comparable in quality but less in price…

I don’t know of any. I use a carbon filter.

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