Recommendations for LED lights on Amazon?


I am currently using one HPS light and was considering switching to LED.

(Are there benefits to this, restrictions, drawbacks?)

Can anyone recommend a good LED light for a 3x3 space? It has to be a light available on Amazon.


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A very good light for 3x3 flowering is HLG 300


Look into HLG, ChilLED, Agromax LED or Spider farmer. Do NOT buy a Blurple or a
random light off amazon. You’ll hate yourself for it later, it’s a waste of money. You buy an advertised 1000w LED and find out it’s only 85watts.

Drawbacks for an LED are initial price point.
Benefits are for half the electric bill you can have 3 Times the growing output.


I really like my light that pulls 230 watts from Wall. Will veg 3x3, best to keep bloom area to 2x2.

ParFactWorks RA2000 only 129-139 on Amazon. Read all the positive reviews.

Here is lunk to my YT video showing off light-

Here is a nice Zkittles nug-


you can consider CSNJ Technologies photon board series grow light, very cost-effective but with high performance, I’m using CSNJ Technologies photon board led grow light, power is 320W, price is 180USD, high performance and cost-effective. Maybe this information can help you.


My suggestion, if you are buying a light to grow weed, don’t shop Amazon. If money is the problem, wait till you have more.


Here’s a good LED light on Amazon


I’d be looking at the newest Mars lights

HLG 350R would be my go to for a 3x3 space and its on Amazon absolutely amazing light I have 3 in my 4x8 tent this is the last GG plant I produced with it when I had a single 350r in my 4x2


Curious—why not shop Amazon?

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I liked the reviews and the price. But, several said it gets hot. Do you find that as well?

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Most of the stuff there is falsely advertised. The lights description will say things like 1000watt LED and then in the fine print it’ll say “only consumes 115 watts”.

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Quality. Most of the lights on Amazon are not what they say. They will work, don’t get me wrong, but you will want more. @dbrn32 directed me on my diy lights.
To me, lights are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. No matter what nutes or anything, if you don’t have enough light, it ain’t going to produce it’s potential.

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I got 3 tents full of Amazon lights and I’m a happy camper. Choose wisely.

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Several first hand accounts from members of the forum buying lights, then feeling like performance wasn’t in line with advertising. So they leave negative reviews as expected. But then sellers start offering them discounts, refunds, and/or free products to change their reviews. In some cases have had honest reviews removed because it would hurt their sales. This is not to say that every light on Amazon is no good. Or that every expensive light is good. There is also probably a lot of instances where people think they have a good product, but wouldn’t really know the difference between their application and your application.

What size hps light are you currently growing with in the 3x3? What kind of results have you gotten in the past? And what are you looking to accomplish by moving to leds?


I have 2 lights in a 3x3, my temp never gets above 82 with my AC Infinity running on level 3.

Which ones are you using that you’re satisfied with?

Spider farmer 2000
Mars sp250
Enfun light kit

Have 2 of each of the above. Only failure so far has been my first spider farmers driver. Replaced it with a better one and it’s a better light now too.

I have probably the most basic set-up:

  • 400 Watt HPS bulb
  • FoxFarm Ocean Forest Soil
  • ILGM autoflower seeds

I don’t have a grow tent. The space is basically 3x3 or 3x2.

I have been growing in two very large pots, usually 4 seeds per pot, with just the FoxFarm soil mixed with some perlite.

Results so far? It varies. I have always gotten something decent, in terms of quality, but the yield has varied. Usually, it’s a pretty small yield, compared to what I’ve seen others do on here.

What am I looking to accomplish? I would like to “upgrade” a bit and have much bigger plants/yields.

I just learned/figured out that I shouldn’t plant more than one seed per pot, even if they are large pots. People have suggested that could greatly affect the final yield.

So, I’ll be getting some 5-gallon cloth pots and planting one seed per pot.

I thought maybe a light upgrade would help, as well.

But, I’m dealing with limited time, ability and most of all, $$$.

So, I can’t afford a tent. (I see a lot of people use tents.)

Basically, I’d like to upgrade my grow, as cheaply as possible, just to get a better yield, I guess. Ideally, something that is $300 or under.

I know I’m never going to be an expert grower, and I’m not trying to be. I use the marijuana to make tincture for pain control. (I have chronic pain and it is the only thing that helps!). I’d just like to get the most out of the plants that I can, with my limited resources.


I’n not sure how to post on here.
I bought this grow house kit

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit Complete, 48"x24"x60" Grow Tent Complete System with VS1000 Led Grow Light, 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Fan, Carbon Filter and 8ft Ducting Combo

is the VS1000 Led Grow Light good for this set up or do I need another light?

Thank you!!!