Recommendations for inexpensive TDS meter


My list of things to buy keeps getting longer and longer. I need a TDS meter, any recommendations on a quality non-bank breaking piece of equipment?


What’s non-bank breaking to you? I have a $40 Apera pH meter, and a $45 Apera EC meter; the tds meter runs about 10 bucks higher than the ec meter.

Or, you can buy a combo meter for about the same as both meters combined.


$40-$50 is not bank breaking. Are the cheap ($15-$25) tds meters junk? In retrospect I should’ve ordered a combo unit. I just ordered an apera ph pen.


Honestly, anything that needs manual calibrating via a screw isn’t worth it, to me. Also, the cheaper ones don’t always have automatic temperature conversion.


Podle mne se na tomto nešetří, buď to nejlepší nebo vůbec,když to dáte bez měřící přístroje celý závod tak si můžeme pokecat na téma alchymie :mrkat:


I bought a cheap Vankatool ph meter for$15 and it works great. I think they have tds meters also


I pick this one up last year. works great never a issue and its temp compensated


From what I understand I could be one of the lucky ones but I have from Amazon the yellow pH meter that comes with the blue EC meter. I got it as a birthday gift so I graciously accepted. but I found the pH pen has been working great. I hear people have problems with them but so far so good with mine. I’m yet to use the EC meter but I’m going to when I start my next grow. Sorry I can’t help you with the EC pen. When mine does break I’ll probably purchase an spear one. people seem to like those on this site. Good luck let us know what you decide


I’m leaning towards this one.


If you’re spending that much, I recommend an Apera model.


Why apera over the com-100 (other than cheaper batteries)?


It comes with a warranty, a case, and all your necessary solutions. Plus, it’s more accurate.


The one you posted is nice b/c it does the conversion from ec to tds, though.


I ended up going with the com-100. Thanks everyone. :+1: