Recommendations for bloom boosters with coco?

I’m growing in coco, coming up on the end date of my first harvest and things are looking great.
I’ve been feeding my flowering plants Humbolts crystal burst bloom booster and I can’t complain about the results but wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with other bloom booster products that would be usable in coco.


There are quite a few to use with coco. Advanced nutrients has a ph perfect blend for coco. Flower fuel is one i use and run canna coco with jacks 321. I use the bloom by jacks also and add the flower fuel. I use kool bloom liquid and dry. Actually i run jacks 321
Humic acid
Fulvic acid
Kelp extract
Big bud
Bud candy
Bud ignitor
Liquid kool bloom
Dry kool bloom
Fish shit
Floraliscious plus
Great white
Also have down to earth 444 and 484 dry nutes if i wanna do top feeds


Looks like ur doing a wonderful job tho.

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Man, if I had your money I would throw mine away!


I dont buy most of it. All the expensive stuff my neighbor buys lol.