Recommend grow tent

Any recommendations for an indoor grow tent that is capable of holding 4 plants of an unknown sex they are still too young to tell for sure. Any help is well appreciated

@JerseyKush19 First off hello and welcome to the ILGM forum!!! I am still very new here. But from the answers I received and from reading on here a 3x3 should work for 4 small/med plants.

Possibly a 4x4 if you factor in moving stuff around and having fans in there.

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I’m with @420budman. A 4x4 is a good size for 4 plants. Any smaller and it might get tight.

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:sunglasses: other questions you will be asked is lights you will be using and other basic useful. These people on here are wonderful. I noticed rather I post in morning evening or super late at night someone is always on and eager to help. Happy growing!!

4x4 is a good size but if they get big…

All packed into a 4x4


@WickedAle they are looking great!!!

Those are already jarred. But was way too tight. Had a plant with a 36” canopy in the back right. Just glad the autos(light green) weren’t full grown yet.

Oh wow.

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scrogged out 4x4 with 4 plants. Filled net within 6 weeks

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