Recommend an inexpensive portable AC unit for drying in a 4 X 4 tent

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I’ve read that the temp to dry a crop should be 65 -70F. The only way for me to get there would be with AC. I want to do this right when the time comes.

Please feel free to make any recommendations for other methods that won’t increase humidity.


A 5,000 BTU AC will get you there just fine.


Portable units are a lot easier to vent than window type units. I picked one up on close-out from a big box lumber/hardware store for less than a window unit would have been. It vents through a 6" hose.


I’ve used both. The widow unit is hard to beat. $150 anywhere new, or try to save a few bucks and get used but be careful it could be junk! Happy growing


@jnt62 I don’t dispute the importance of getting your temp. And Rh right. However don’t overlook the need of getting out as much of the nitrogen you can. The leaves should look like fall and flushing the nutrients out can’t hurt either. If it looks green like grass/hay it might taste like it too. Just saying

Absolutely agree with @Stonedagain2 - if you are using ac to dry what’s your temps as you finish flower out? May wanna incorporate ac with flower and dry if possible to make terps pop, resin go nuts and color come out. Just a thought - happy growing

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@Sirsmokesalot has an excellent idea. It could be multipurpose too. After using as smokesalot says to finish strong with, then use it as a drying chamber. It’s gotta be better than the wedryer xl I just bought for a little more than $150 counting shipping. Good thinking sirsmokesalot!

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Thanks… the smallest portable AC I can find is 8K. I’m sure the extra BTUs won’t hurt… the cost is another thing. That always stings a little

@LMN8R, @Sirsmokesalot, @Stonedagain2
I have to use a portable for a few reasons. Thanks for your help

Thanks for the input on drying. What methods would you recommend to evacuate nitrogen while drying? I do plan on flushing.

I only have a 2’, - 2-bulb T5 running without running the filter fan right now. I don’t know what my temps will be when I get everything going. I will use the ac during the grow if needed.

@Covertgrower, @stonedagain2, @Sirsmokesalot, @LMN8R
You Guys Rock
Thanks again!

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Once you chop it the only way I can think of get rid of the nitrogen and green smell is curing. Before the chop you don’t feed them any, you let them consume all of that they contain within themselves. You’ll know that’s done by the color changes in their leaves. Then you flush. Lastly is a slow dry with the ac you’re shopping for and then you cure. It sounds like a great deal but you’ll be fine. Happy growing

I apologize for all the questions but I just can’t find the answer.
Is there a way to time the fasting and flush with excellent trichrome production?

I know what you mean - at first it’s almost overload with info but it does get easier and you can apply common sense to most questions.

I have a midea portable unit for like 319$ on Amazon - 10000 BTU… it is expensive but I feel giving up half of my yield for one plant was well worth the trade off. Again common sense told me it’s gotta be more efficient buying a bigger one than I needed and not running it at 100% capacity all the time. It may come on for 5 minutes every hour during the day.

That small of light you won’t need much to cool. What’s your wattage? Seems a little low to get big flower… usually you’d want atleast 30 watts per sq and most shoot for 50 watts per sq… really it’s much more complicated getting into the par and ppfd but I’ll leave that alone as I do not have a grasp on it myself.

I would say leave the ac out for veg and mid way through flower then bring ac into the picture as you start cutting wattage back (if you have a dimmer) to tell the plant it’s time to finish.

In regards to flushing - just start cutting back the N as you increase the K. Not sure what you’re using but look at whatever your giving her and I bet you’ll have enough N in micro nutes anyways (check out Lucas formula for GH 3 part)

The T5 is just for seedlings. Once I transplant I will be using 6 X 600 watt full-spectrum LEDs. I know they don’t draw that much. I’ll have the option of using just 2, or 4 for veg and possibly 6 for flower. I won’t be using C02 so I don’t know if all that light is needed.

I am using GH 3 part with silica and cal-mag so I will definitely check out Luca’s formula

I bought the wedryer lx to dry with. I got a room with a window unit that gets the temperature and humidity right. If I Grew in tents I’d buy the tent and it could pull double duty. Many ways to skin a cat. Skin it the way it works best for you and you can’t go wrong :+1:


Make sure you know your true watts that you’re pulling from wall not just what manufacturer sells it as. Many of us went wrong initially with Chinese made blurples. I have a 2000 watt king that pulls 150 at best

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