Recommend a light for my veg set up

I’ve got a 3x5 tent going with a 1000w DE HPS for flowering but need to upgrade my vegging set up. I’ve been using This light rack With dual bulb t5 fixtures from gardeners supply to start my plants before going outdoors in the spring but I want something that I can use to veg clones and starts to full size before going into the tent to flower.

Should I just get a 600w MH and be done with it or is there a particular LED set up I should check out?

I’m trying to veg like 4 plants at a time and want to get on a perpetual harvest cycle where every 10-12 weeks A crop is coming out, plants are rotating into the flowering room, and new clones/starts are starting to veg

One guy around here was budget building a grow room and used this light, its high amount of blue Is better for vegging

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Yeah I love a deal as much as the next guy but I’m more interested in spending a more and getting something that gets proven results vs saving a few quid. That’s part of the reason I’ve stuck with HPS for flowering. I’m willing to go LED for veg or flower or both but saving money isn’t gonna be the reason I make the jump.

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Go ahead and get a hlg 260 b spec but they’re using the exact same 301d diodes you’ll get better support from hlg too (and probably a better driver too) but it’s up to you

I see what you’re saying. I’ve done enough reading between posting and right now that it seems like HLG is One of the more trusted names. at twice the price and you essentially get the same thing. I get it.

Mainly I like the idea of some thing coming as a pre-built unit rather than a kit. And I see that HLG sells it both ways. There’s some things I like to tinker with and build myself – bicycles I would much rather pick every single component and do every bit of the work - Electrical stuff that could burn my house down…I’m totally OK with someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing putting that together for me

Do you know what the difference between a HLG 135 and a 260 is? (And don’t say “about 125” :joy:)

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It’s exactly half as much since it’s 1 board vs 2 I think 4k is better for veg and 3k is better for flower I think the 135v 260 is max efficiency draw for their drivers though I think you can push them 20 watts higher or something like that

I know LED is the popular thing but besides the efficiency and the lower operating temperatures are they actually better for growing?

That’s rather subjective but since you can hit a point where you can burn them with light then they both have a point of peak performance but I suppose since you can get leds of certain wavelengths for better performance of certain periods of growth then I guess leds edge the competition out but not by a ton especially if you dont use those specialized leds