Recommend a good indoor auto flower set-up

Hey all, I am new to growing Marijuana, so been growing a few auto flower plants here and there, just bought around 50 seeds total of Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, OG Kush. This is a fun Hobby I do in-between working from home and also gardening.

Right Now I have a smaller tent with a 6inch in-line exhaust and use a spider farmer SF1000 LED Light

Can you recommend either a good set-up or a complete grow tent kit for me? There is just so much to read and research it is almost overwhelming when I have no real knowledge, Will probably stick to Autos as this is only for personal use but I also would like to grow enough at a time where I can put some/most away to store. I would like to keep it under 6ft for the Height of the tent… I have been going back and forth between just using my office Closet and the tent… not sure what I prefer but since I can’t really drill into the wall/door to make an exhaust I think a tent would be best… but I am hoping to get some input from yall :slight_smile:

Help a noob noob out ? :smiley: <3


Honestly if the smell doesn’t matter, you could literally use the closet and just leave the door cracked or open with a fan blowing to keep air moving around.
Autos can be grown like house plants if ya wanted to out in the open.
Buy yourself a good light or multiple lights and just stick them anywhere you want with a light over them :grin:

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Welcome to the community Happy Growing :blush::v:


haha, only issue with that, is I have 4 cats and a GS Dog, but I have thought about it, plus it would make working from home kind of hard since it would heat up my room since I wouldn’t be able to leave the door open.

So I put some stuff together besides a light, light specs are something I do not know much about, would someone be able to recommend a light or different suggestions to what I have in my cart?

Tent: AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 642 Advance Grow Tent, 48”x24”x72”

Fan: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Control

Filter: AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6" with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal

Light: ?? figured i would need to upgrade from mah little spider farmer ;0


A great budget light for a 2x4 space would be a marshydro sp3000.
Or even a sf2000 with the sf1000 together would be perfect for it.
I own both those lights and very much like them.

If it was me, i get the sp3000 for the 2x4 and use it once they hit flower as a flower tent, and use my sf1000 I had to get them going
Just my 2cents.

Horticulture lighting groups 350r or equivalent DIY kit would be a top of the line option for the light if you like the name brand thing.
Spiderfarmer and Marshydro make pretty good lights though fir the money.


This site has tons if reviews fir all kinds of lights, as well as lots of other useful tools and info.
They do youtube videos for every review also, so you can actually see the lights in action.
Theres reviews on the sp3000 and sf2000 and many more…

Thank you both for the help and recommendations!

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AC infinity is also making complete grow kits