Reclaim into edibles?

So I got few grams of reclaimed dab is it good to cook with if so is there something important I need to know or can I just cook it into some butter



Why not? Let’s see what happens

I guess the real question is how do I just melt with butter

Just melt it right in I’d say 160°f

@Killadruid I’m going to make a cake so 1/3 cup vegetable oil how much reclaim should I use I dont want to waste any

Watching this post as well!

Never tried with reclaim before so I have no idea but If it were me I would go big or go home lol. Sorry but honestly have no idea I put about 8grams of kief into brownies so i would start about 5gs. @Cyle1 or go for a heroic dose. I’ve got a buddy I’ve gotta figure out some edibles that will work for him he has only gotten high once on edibles

With tincture, I’d use 3ml per serving. With reclaimed dabs…that’d be pretty strong, right? Maybe 2ml per serving?

To make a 12 serving cake, replace 1.5-2 tbsp of the vegetable oil with the reclaimed dab. That’s using stoner math.


Hey @blackthumbbetty I was jw have u run across anyone who doesnt get high on edibles? I’ve seen this guy eat enough to put me on my ass.

Are they on pain med to counteract it

I put 3 grams in1/3 cup vegetable oil went to mix the batter I’m out of eggs have to put hold on this until tomorrow



@Killadruid, I didn’t start feeling edibles until I made them, myself. That even took a few different tries.

K thank u. I’ll just have to try different methods I just wanna get this cooking thing down.

No they are not it just doesnt affect him like everyone else. Idk I’ve read that some people there stomach acid and liver break it down.

Made peanut butter cookies instead of cake

Yummy my gf loves to make them we just made some 8g kief penut butter cookies

I had issues getting high off dispensery edibles and some that some lady made at denver 420 or I was too high to tell also sometimes it takes so long to kick in your sleep b4 u feel the effects I eat them for breakfast just to make sure I enjoy the longest possible

They take an hour or more to kick in and last 6-8 hours. Its strong stuff, I like to add all the chopped up plant matter to be sure i dont lose anything in the concentration process.

Ahh first time I’ve had a joint in a while. I’m high af