Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


Also had failures with the V9 after a couple days use. :confounded:
Crates with 2mm holes are gonna do better FYI.
I know you’ve already bought a bunch of them so you may want to dilute it a little further than 20% it’s still going to kick ass at say 25 or even 30% but now you’re getting into adding some Wax Liquidizer.
I made a batch that was 10% wax liquidizer and 20% terpenes for some other carts that couldn’t handle the viscosity of the 20% stuff and it gets you higher than commercially available oil in dispensary like brass knuckles or TKO


Not good news for me sitting on 100 of those.
My first batch I may have over cooked, had alot of material cooked onto the bottom of the beaker. It is very thick and black. I may try to dilute it.


I would say that mine only sits on the heat for a maximum of about five - ten minutes total. it takes a few minutes to melt enough to drop the magnet in and let it stir. as soon as that happens, I add the Terps and stir it for another two or three minutes until everything looks blended.


For my budder, I typically use ONE FULL OUNCE per 1/2-3/4 cup coconut oil/ghee.


Hey there! Update on the V9 carts. I’ve been using this one for a few refills now with no problem.
I think the trick to these is using a pen with a preheat feature or just hitting the button for a couple of seconds, letting off for a sec then vaping as normal. It does require about a 5-6 second draw to get a great hit but it’s a great hit that will give most folks a head rush.


Hey Will!
I’m happy to hear you’ve had decent success with the V9.
I am still working on making vape juice successfully.


I’m interested in your method theproduct22. I want to start making these.


Angel’s share (residue)
So here’s my latest dilemma concerning oil.
I’m trying to learn the best method to claim the remaining oil residue that gets left behind in the “empty” drip tip bottles.

Heating works to make it less viscous, but you can’t add warm oil to cartridges without risking leakage from the bottom.

I may try freezing a bottle to see if it will separate as a solid like when we freeze rosin. If that works, a can the freeze and dump into a beaker to consolidate it all.


@Countryboyjvd1971 Hey buddy long time. I was reading through you alls thread here finally. I tagged you because you were the only name I seen that I have talked to before, Anyway I got a quick question about this topic anyone who can help jump in. I got so many Mason Jars from curing just full of good stuff looks like snow in the jars and red hairs. I was looking over the recipe for vape juice up there with everclear and was wondering would there be any harm in sticking all those jars in the freezer and dumping a little everclear in them and rinsing them out and then dumping the everclear through the blender and filters like in the video around 45 or so. The method of using the rice cooker or hot plate carefully to hot bath off the alcohol? I also believe Robert Bergman and another guy was doing this but without my step. I believe I’ll tag @bob31 he seems really knowledgeable. I have been a member a long time some here may remember me got a grow journal or two on here any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Tell me, please are you using your own product or you buy such ingridients as CBD oil? I have faced such an issue when I’ve decided to cook some sweets with cannabis extract, that I can’t buy oil in my town, so probably I have to order int in some online store. My friend recommended me to visit this page but I am not sure that this shop is reliable enough. can anyone help with an advice of where to buy CBD oil?


Sorry for the delay
I’ll tag in @Willd he’s been making his own vape juice @Hogmaster also been using the same method
I haven’t tried it myself yet but will be shortly

They would both be better advice givers in this matter welcome back


Buy it from ILGM and grab some beans when shopping lol :wink:
I’m not a sales man just letting you know they also sell the oil


Hi there
So I have discovered an easy way to render potent oil using only rosin and terpene isolates.

This formula is only applicable to rosin made with heat and pressure.

It also requires some relatively inexpensive basic lab equipment and consumables such as syringes and cartridges.

There is absolutely no getting around this.

We’re basically taking the weight of our rosin and adding 25% of that weight in terpenes to end up with an end product that’s 80% rosin.

2g rosin x.25 = .5g terps
2g rosin + .5g terps= 2.5mL oil
2.5mL x .20= 5g terps or 80% rosin

I’ve seen videos of people doing this in 4 ounce ball jars which is ridiculously wasteful considering how much surface there is to turn all that effort into residue you’ll never get out.

For up to about 15g of rosin you’ll only need a 5mL-25mL low form borosilicate beaker.

I do my 2.5mL batches in a 5mL beaker & 5mL batches in the 10mL one. I don’t ever make more than 5mL at a time.

So here’s what you need:

  • Rosin
  • Strain profile terpenes or terpene isolate
  • Borosilicate glass low form beakers 5-50mL
  • Precision scale accurate to .01g
  • Hot plate magnetic mixer
  • Mini stir bar magnets
  • Disposable 3-5mL syringes with 14-18 ga or smaller needles to transfer oil from beaker to drip tip bottle with minimal waste. (Smaller the needle the higher number)
  • Disposable pipettes for transferring terps to beaker
  • Vape cartridges & battery
  • Drip tip bottles to cool,store, and dispense oil into cartridges once cool.
    Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


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Thanks Willd, I guess I got some shopping to do, I have just about nothing I need lol.


I got the everclear to try RSO and around 4 ozs of great sugar leaves to try it with. I really wanna try that blender method until I get a good press to make rosin. Windows and fans and safety first of course. I might just put mine back in the freezer before evaporating the alcohol let the fats settle also heard of folks doing the strain and then setting it in the sun. I have never done any concentrate making so this is gonna be a learning experience @Willd will def get the things you suggested to try that as well sounds easier and safer. I am all about not blowing myself up got the rice cooker for it any tips on RSO? I have watched seems like every video on it and they all seem a bit different, any suggestions would be appreciated.