Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


I will say I bought some cheaper carts that leaked, but they were only held together by a rubber ring.
After learning that lesson the hard way, I bought Amigo Liberty V9 carts, based on a blog in the Wax Liquidizer website.

They are easy to fill because the heating element comes out of the glass tube. They have a fill mark displacement fills the cartridge when you put it back together. they screw together to limit leaking & also have adjustable air intake, which I haven’t tested enought to have an opinion on.


I have some of this type coming as well. I think ETA was monday


Bad results with the drip plate carts. The ones with the rubber plug burned out after only a couple uses.
The screw on one lasted all day but burnt out on my second hit this morning.
Here’s what we’re working on today

Just over 24g rosin portioned into six containers. Each container makes about 5mL oil.
Each 5mL bottle of terps will make 4-5 of those 5mL batches depending on the dilution.
16% yields 5 batches @.96 mL per batch
20% yields 4 batches @1.2mL per batch
Have more sample packs of carts coming to test. I had no idea it was going to be so frustrating and difficult to find the right hardware to use the stuff


Yeah, but that looks like fun stuff. And your kief ball looks like the snow man of my dreams.


So I just mixed up a 2.5g batch of Granddaddy Purple. it’s delicious and potent and wow.
I need to chill out with this stuff until I’ve tested more cartridge types


Have you considered using pods?


What are pods?
I’ve had a trio of citrus terps for culinary applications in the cupboard for a few years, so I made a custom orange blend with some “leftover” isolate blend. It’s not as citrus forward as I hoped but I can fortify a new blend w more orange for another go at it some other time. If my calculations are correct (1mL terps/5mL batch) I have way more terpene isolates than I can use in a lifetime in these six 1oz bottles.
@ 30mL/oz that’s 180 mL terps or 180x5mL
That’s almost a liter of vape oil.
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. O Rosin!
We’re gonna need more rosin.


I made a spreadsheet of the isolates to make up some of my own profiles.
The row headings are the isolate abbreviations
The scale is 1unit=3mL so adding up each column will =10 units or 30mL or 1 oz.
I made 6 blends each with a higher percentage of it’s own name. They all have 2 units of Myrcene since that one increases the CB1 receptor saturation levels. I put an extra unit of limonene in that profile as well. I love lemon.
For example, a-pinene profile is going to be a-pinene forward/dominant. The myrcene profile is more myrcene dominant etc…


These are pods. In this example they fit the Smok brand. You get a better draw and no leaking. Pods are worth a search from any vape seller @Willd


thanks bud,
Ordered an OVNS Saber SC420 and some pods. Supposed to be specifically for distilate vs. e-cig juice.
Also ordered the factory tank they sell with my Vivant Vault. Still testing gadgets and what not.


Note- Filling them is little different than the carts, because you don’t turn them mouthpiece down to do it. You fill them from the bottom with a blunt tip syringe and the mouthpiece facing up.


Cartridge trials
aspire k2 - PASS
*CCELL TH2 - PASS but prone to leakage if overheated or filled with warm oil
(all the knock-off are junk)
Liberty v9 - PASS
Vault - Further testing req. holes are too small for thick oil
bud-s hybrid - 50/50 great draw and flavor but overheat and burn out easily
A4 ceramic - 50/50 great draw and flavor but overheat and burn out easily

*use authentic CCELL brand only


Update on the Vault cartridge. We have a winner. Turns out I just mixed a bad test batch at >85% so it was way too thick. The Liberty V9 and the stack Vault tanks rip!
I’m over the moon. It’s all working and tasting superb


That’s great!
I’m relieved the Liberty passed because I had already ordered 100 of them😬 (originally to use with wax liquidizer) I am waiting for the magnetic stirrer to be delivered before I can start to use you recipe. It must have been shipped from China . Glad you have perfected your process, I feel like vaping is the healthier and best option for on the go. Thanks again for sharing the results if all your testing.


They are really great so far. Since some oil is always going to stick to that center post we have to put less oil than to the line upon refilling or it overflows them a little.

The stock tank that comes with the Vivant Vault battery kicks ass too!

These big 1.8mL K2 atomizers also kick ass but they are strictly for at home use. This one rips like doing dabs!


Super pleased with my latest rounds of product & associated accoutrements.
I’ve got 4 strains in rotation going at this time. I use all of them all day.
Vault cart=Strawberry Cough
Liberty V9= Gorilla Glue
Aspire K2#1=Skywalker OG
Aspire K2#2= my own full random blend of a-pinene, beta-carophyllene, limonene, linalool, myrcene & terpinolene isolates.
I made a small batch of Granddaddy Purple, a couple of weeks ago, but lost most of it to junk carts, so the only Floraplex blend I haven’t made yet is the OG Kush.


Like watching your adventures. Can ya put a few drops of terpene directly into bud and then hotpress it?


Hmm never tried it. I believe it would just evaporate any added terpenes. I’m willing to give it I go though.
“For science”


Hey Will! I’m trying my first batch tonight with your recipe. What temp is celsius, do you consider low?


Hi :wave:t2:
<100° C
I stay around 75-80.
Sorry I didn’t see this earlier.