Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


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Great recipes mate, Although I do love [marijuana infused cookies] that is good for people who are looking for more than one way to consume marijuana

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thank you for the vape juice ingedients. can you please tell me how much propylene and vegitable glycerin i put to mix up the wax. i never vaped before or making vape juice so any help would be appreciated thanks.


Hi @jimlisa2. I haven’t seen @Majiktoker on in a while so I hope you don’t mind if I step in with some info. I have found for myself a 70/30 mix of VG to PG works best for me but you’ll need to experiment to find your sweet spot. I vape because I can’t smoke (makes me cough too much) so I use more VG than PG so I don’t get the cough. I use concentrated cannabis oil and use about a gram but have used wax in the past. I found it best to “melt” your wax first and then add the PG and VG and it mixes better. Whatever ratio of VG to PG you use, mix 2-3 ml of the combined VG/PG to the gram of wax or CCO. You can also add flavoring too. I like to use cinnamon and peppermint and hazelnut from Lorann oils. The cinnamon is very potent and needs to be used sparingly. If you are nervous about your ratio you can also get pre mixed from Farm to Vape or Wax Liquidizer (dot com). All you do is add the wax, CCO or whatever cannabis you want to mix with it.

What PG/VG ratio should I use?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. It depends on the kind of vaping experience you prefer. Many people use various levels of PG and VG for different purposes:

Throat Hit – If you enjoy a sharp throat hit when vaping then you’ll prefer a high PG vape. The ‘kick’ at the back of the throat, is something many ex-smokers crave, and PG (along with the nicotine) provides more of this than VG. PG carries flavour marginally better than VG, so the flavour will be slightly improved.

Smoothness – High VG fluid tends to give a much smoother feeling on the throat, with a more substantial ‘thicker’ mouthfeel. The flavour is slightly muted in VG fluids, but this can be countered by using more power to produce more vapour. Be careful to stay within the voltage/wattage limits of your atomiser, or you risk dry hits, or even damaging your equipment.

Stealth Vaping – If you want to keep your vaping lowkey in public then high PG is the way to go. Less vapour is produced when exhaled, making this ideal for the less ostentatious vaping enthusiast. However, you should always apply common sense. Vaping in certain places, such as waiting rooms and on public transport, is often outlawed and is simply bad manners. As vaping is relatively new, we have a duty to be aware of public opinion and behave responsibly.

Cloudchasing – Cloudchasing involves exhaling dense clouds of vapour, the thicker the better. There are even competitive events based around this activity, where the person producing the biggest clouds wins. If this appeals then high VG is the only option – the higher the better.

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thank you , i will try that when i do my hash this winter. instead of ice i am going to try bubble bags and snow. in NH we get alot of snow. thank you sweetie.


Did I understand that right, you vape the coconut oil?