Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


@SmoknGranny I am 2 years older than you. So not too much older. But I can understand what your hubby is going through. I am bipolar. Some days worse than others. But I dont have it to the degree that others can have it. And I have the UTI problems. That goes pretty much with being male anymore and old. Some apnea, though not too bad. And COPD, fairly bad. And bad heart issues. And then pain…all over, everywhere. Some days its pretty severe. So bad that I sometimes want to pick up my 9mm and end it then and there. The wife and I dont avoid each other, not much anyway, but on her days off she pretty much sticks to her room and the tv and thats about it. My 2 younger sons are part owners in the house and they live here. They came down here a few years ago to help take care of me after I got out of the hosp. Spent months in there. Multiple surgeries. Open heart, etc. and other issues.

Me, my life was varied. Computer analyst/programmer, farmer, photographer. Electrical Engineer. Did it all. Then my military life caught up with me and my health nosedived.

So, my health is better now, I am stable, for the most part. Cept the pain. So I got tired of dealing with the docs regarding it and decided to go the mj route. Soon as I get this grow done, I will be good. Got 3 types, each with different phenotypes so that each one is different in how it will affect me. Did that on purpose. Going to do the eatables and the vaping. Looking forward to being able to do them. Dont have any mj now to vap or eat, but am in hopes. Seeing some sugar leaves developing on my girls… yummmm


@bob31 I am going to be reading alot here. Its just been confusing to me. And them with the conversations about vaping and such I just get lost. I try…but being an old fart now, not easy. I will keep reading. Been concentrating on my grow so now I have more time to read this stuff.


I don’t have a butter machine but I have made it with decarbonised sugar leaves and small buds @SmoknGranny


@cyberblast are you in the US? I’m going to assume your are by the way you talk.

While you are waiting for your MJ to come why don’t you get an inexpensive vape pen and some CBD vape juice?

The vape pen that @AnneBonny found is awesome and works really well and I found a site that has reasonable prices on vape juice that is very high in cbd. No buzz but you might get some pain relief from just the cbd. Many do. I need the THC from MJ with the high CBD. I get a very light buzz.because the high CBD mostly balances it out.

I can’t post the exact website links but I can get you to the product with a Google search.

I liked the vape pen so well I bought a second one just for me! I was sharing it with my wife!

Oh and don’t fret about being confused. There is a lot to know and learn but bottom line is this will ease your pain, improve your life and make it a lot more enjoyable.


I have that bookmarked & duly noted. I feel like I’m back in college with all the notes I keep taking. :grinning:


@bob31 I dont know where you mean I should google. What do I put in the google search? I can afford to get an inexpensive vape pen the end of the month. Will check what @anneBonny found, the vape pen, but still lost what to put in to search on google. Sorry if it seems like I am being obtuse but… and yes, I am in the good ol us of a.


@bob31 will be by to tell you what he means I’m sure. This is the vape pen. You can’t beat it for $17.99 and I think it’s free shipping. Love, love, love the simplicity. They also sell CBD oil on here but I’m not sure if that is vape-able or not. @cyberblast


@cyberblast go to google and enter 510 Thread Buttonless Bud Touch Stylus Kit – 1ml Glass Cartridge | Vape Mood

They also have single packs and a 5 pack of replacement cartridges. I would recommend buying at least one extra cartridge or more. Just a thought though. I mix up different strengths of vape juice but it’s all what you want to do!


the vape juice is on a different website called Pure CBD Vapors. They have everything you can imagine…

I bought this the last time and it is of a very high quality


Here is some really great flavorings!

Both Pure CBD Vapors and Vape Mood will email you a coupon if you go onto their site and create an account. They are decent discounts as well!


Congratulations @bob31 :wink:


@bob31 thanks and you too @AnneBonny. Checked it out and will be getting one the end of the month along with some CBD juice for it.

The oil wont work in the luiquid pen. Have to get some CBD juice that is vapable. Looking


@bob31, thanks for the encouragement, I needed it. and it helped.

Yea, there is alot to know and learn, both with growing and learning about this stuff here. Vapping and all.

Where is the best place to get one of the pens that lets you smoke the ground mj and the oil? Doesnt have to be ultra cheap, just want it to work.

And getting some pain relief would be a blessing.


I have no experience with those @cyberblast I bought a ground herb vape and a separate liquid vape. I imagine that site may have those too? @BIGE

@cyberblast if you search for grenco science and locate the gpen website click on vaporizers then material and choose combination, they have an array of vaporizers that do both!


Pure CBD Vapors website is have a 10% off till midnight PURECBD10 is the code to use at checkout if anyone is thinking about buy and vaporizers

@cyberblast @AnneBonny @BIGE @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


@bob31 I missed the sale but I did check out the site. I see they mention something about their cartridge having bigger intake holes for their oil as it’s thick. Do you find the 510 pens work fine with their oils?


I have had no problems with their oils. I have two cartridges going right now that have at 50% MCT CBD oil in them mixed with MCT and some shatter I procured.

I bought a couple different orders from them. Their prices and selection are the best that I have found so far!

My latest purchase was:

Neuro Armour CBD 250mg Extract MCT Oil 30ml

It is really good stuff. Very high quality.

If you can catch the coupon (They will give you a discount code by email after you register on the site. After you get the code place an order and you get basically free shipping and a couple dollars off!

Their shipping is discreet and fast! :+1::+1::+1: @AnneBonny


Just ordered some of the Neuro Armour 300mg. @bob31 My husband’s shoulder has been bothering him and he has a taken a liking to the cinnamon flavor that I made with the CBD/THC combo. Eases the shoulder pain and helps him sleep. I’m going through the batch I made with the CBD wax fairly quickly.

Before you know it he’ll want his own pen and flavor! Looking forward to trying this.


I used the Neuro Armour in my last batch and I really like the quality. I’m halfway through my cartridge and I’m pretty impressed. I did get a slightly different product than you got. Mine is the red label, MCT based. I believe you got the CBD Vape and it is VG I believe so please let me know how you like that as well @AnneBonny



When you do the bubble hash write up, you can post it over here or on your grow? Thanks brother!


I’ve tried using a cheap butane Korean extractor before and I failed to get a better extract. Thanks for sharing a recipe due to this, I am interested again on extracting BHO. I think I should save money now to buy a better extractor. :smiley: