Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


That should work fine. And the price is right. Looks like you can play with the temperature too which is good.


@SmoknGranny hey…I need some info. I have never done anything that has been discussed in this thread other than many years ago…more many than I like to think about. Anyway, I need advice. Alot of things discussed here just didnt make sense to me. Not understandable? I am lost with vaping, decarbing, I understand the decarb but need a non-smelling method. And from there what? As to vaping…I know what it is, but dont know where to get one to use, plus what do you use in it? How do you use it. Using that hair straigtner method to get the stuff out of the mj, and then what? Can you smoke it as is? Or does it need further processing to use it in a vaping pen or what? See what I mean. I am a total newbie with this whole topic and am lost. HELP


@bob31 what are you planing on doing with that hair straightener lol


I’m gonna straighten my hair! Maybe I will make some goodies… lol


At least you have hair to straighten


Oh Sweetie :grinning: I’m as lost and befuddled as you are! I truly wish I could help you more.
I have yet to decarb but I’m in the process of setting up a “mini kitchen” in my garage with a toaster oven and small crockpots. I’m having to adapt how some things are done for my specific situation. I’m in an unfriendly state and stealth from my hubby. So I’ve bookmarked some decarb methods here for when I’m ready.
As to vaping I believe there’s a couple of options: oil and dry herb. I vape cig oil in my process of quitting cigarettes. I’m interested in learning how to make vape cbd oil down the road. I have a dry herb vape for ground buds. You can find those online from low to high $$.
I’m planning on going back and reading about the hair straightener thingy :grinning: so no help there.
The more I read the more I get confused also. I also look at other sites and sometimes see conflicting information from here.
I’m honored that you’re asking me for advice and hopefully I will be a better mentor as I gain more practical experiences :grinning:

Looking for that Wow factor

@SmoknGranny We make a good pair. :rofl: Lost on the ocean of knowledge. :grimacing: Yea, I know your situ. I am in an unfriendly state and am in stealth from my wife and sons. :hushed::roll_eyes: Though my wife really knows and prob my sons, its like an agreed on, “I dont say anything, and they wont” We had a big fight before I started my grow, and then I flat told them if I didnt get something soon, I wouldnt be long for this world. I dont expect miricles but I gotta try. The opoid route and the other meds are screwing me up too much. So, I set up my grow in my own bedroom. (seperate bedrooms for me and my wife because I kept her up all the time with my pain symptoms and such)

Anyway, I set up my grow. 2 tents now. IN my room and told them basically I was growing when and what I wanted. Tomatatos… Which I have started also…so no lie. But my grow is my grow. They stay out. Long as it dont get smelly. I work hard to make sure that dont happen.

I will likely look into doing the dry herb vap. Looked up some info and went online to some spots that sell the vapes. Will try to get one soon. I have no weed, or at least any good stuff yet. Having to wait for mine to grow up. Might try some of the clippings down the road. But have a VA doc appointment in a while and they always test for illegal stuff since they prescribe some of the pain meds. Sucks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yea, I am flat confused too. I guess once I start doing some of the stuff then it wont be so confusing. I just think its our age. Harder for us to figure things out. Yea, I have seen the conflicting info on other sites too. :frowning_face::upside_down_face:


Age, DEFINITELY :rofl:. I’m still waiting on things to get easier not harder. But, like you & others, got back into this primarily for the medical benefits. ( no Health insurance)Plus I also like the high.
I’m hoping to eventually get my hubby on some edibles. But for now it’s best for me to stay discrete. We also have separate bed & bathrooms. And he doesn’t go past the kitchen much less go outside.
I applaud anyone who tries to avoid any more opioid use than necessary. Opioids have a time and place, but from personal family experiences, I’ve seen firsthand their overprescribied effects. But until marijuana is legal that’s all some doctors have to offer.
It’s so awesome to have the ILGM community to learn from, get answers, “meet” like minded folks and support for each other :heart:


Sorry to just jump in but I am also a relative newbie to edibles oils etc. considering buying the miracle butter maker. Anyone using it would you recommend
Do I still need to decarb ? I would use for butter, coconut oil and maybe tincture which I am a little scared of due to the flammable part. I would appreciate user feed back k


Yea, but getting old sure sucks. I wonder when that happens?? Things getting easier…hasnt yet and I dont have that many years left…20 at most… would be nice. :upside_down_face:

Yea, my wife does get about alot easier. She is quite a few years younger than I am…she still works though its starting to get harder on her. Not a spring chicken anymore though she tries to pretend otherwise. She just looks the other way on my stuff and as long as I dont go crazy spending money she has nothing to say. She did crack down on me this last month on the finances. Couldnt blame her. I did get a little crazy. :crazy_face:

Yea, the other thing I want to try is the edibles. Very important as I can carry it with me when I go somewhere, which is rare, but at least it will be discreet.

Opioids are the bane of my existence. I hate them, even as I take them. I take one of the strongest of them, morph. Dont know if that is an opioid but…

What sucks is I moved from Colorado just the year before they mj there. That sucked. We might move back. just have to find a place that is cheap there. And that isnt easy there. Housing is really high there. And we couldnt buy a place so would have to rent, though we own the place here we live in. Its nothing special. Kindof rundown…but that is expected with oldies. Oh well.

Yea, I love this site. Been on many others, different kinds, but all had one problem. Flame wars, fights, arguements, insults… Usually what drives me off. Benn nothing like that here. And the info is great, soetimes overloading, but still good. And the people I have met in the short time I have been here have been wonderful. And like minded folks even more so.:wink:


I know some here have used the butter machine and will probably pop in for some feedback for you. I’m also leery about flammable methods :fire:


@Chinacat I dont know about it at all. Where do I find info on it? Is that the actual name, if so I can google it I guess. Welcome to the forum though. This group you are in with here are mostly newbies as well. And dont worry about jumping in. Its expected. Otherwise how do our conversations continue. :upside_down_face: So any time that you have anything to put in, jump in. and welcome.


64 on Saturday but I feel 84.

Hubby is a little younger by 5 years. He has bipolar depression, loss of vision in one eye, some UTI problems, severe sleep apnea & occasional small hemorrhage’s in his brain. The latter runs in his family. He’s been down five years now and totally withdrawn from all but me. And we can go days without speaking or seeing each other.

He was a chemical engineer so after 4 moves since 1994 we will stay here until I can’t pay the mortgage or I go down.

All I have done with edibles to date has been cannabutter without decarbed leaves & small stems. I’m looking forward to trying the next with decarbed :+1: As soon as I get my desktop and printer up and running I’m planning on printing out various edible recipes to try.


@Chinacat welcome!

Magic butter machine @daz49 can pontificate on that for us.

@SmoknGranny @cyberblast

There is already a lot of info on this thread that may answer your questions.

When it comes to liquid vape and tincture and such, what is needed is a way to turn the bud into a solid. One way is by heat and pressure. I think there is a video or two on the thread as well.

Once you have it into a solid making tincture or liquid vape is a piece of cake!


Yep​:+1: I’ve been bookmarking some. When I can use my printer I’m putting together a little notebook for myself :grinning:


Hi @Chinacat welcome to the forum. I have the Magical Butter machine and it works great for butter and coconut oil and tincture. It is super easy…add your stuff, push a button and let it ride. I would say the only down side is it’s a minimum of 2 cups for a batch which you need quite a bit of product for (7-14 grams per cup) depending on how strong you want it. If you are harvesting your own that’s usually not an issue but if you have to get it from a dispensary it could get pricey. I am on my first indoor grow and my 2 outdoor grows were not huge yields but enough to do batch of each. The other “issue” if you will may not be an issue if you don’t mind the flavor. The MB2 chops the flower and trim that you use…pulverizes it actually which can cause that chlorophyll flavor. You strain it at the end but I do find there is a different taste compared to when I do it in the crock pot or on the stove and it’s not agitated as much like in the MB2. That is really just personal preference though.

Yes, you need to decarb even with the MB2 or crockpot method. The best rule of thumb is to always decarb when you plan to make edibles even if you are baking with the butter or coconut oil. That way there is no question that your THCA got converted to THC. Another tip is to add sunflower lecithin which you can get on amazon. It doesn’t increase the potency but allows your body to absorb the THC and CBD better.

Check out the recipe section of the members lounge for some great treats that people have shared.

Just tag me if you have more questions ~ AB


@SmoknGranny I am 2 years older than you. So not too much older. But I can understand what your hubby is going through. I am bipolar. Some days worse than others. But I dont have it to the degree that others can have it. And I have the UTI problems. That goes pretty much with being male anymore and old. Some apnea, though not too bad. And COPD, fairly bad. And bad heart issues. And then pain…all over, everywhere. Some days its pretty severe. So bad that I sometimes want to pick up my 9mm and end it then and there. The wife and I dont avoid each other, not much anyway, but on her days off she pretty much sticks to her room and the tv and thats about it. My 2 younger sons are part owners in the house and they live here. They came down here a few years ago to help take care of me after I got out of the hosp. Spent months in there. Multiple surgeries. Open heart, etc. and other issues.

Me, my life was varied. Computer analyst/programmer, farmer, photographer. Electrical Engineer. Did it all. Then my military life caught up with me and my health nosedived.

So, my health is better now, I am stable, for the most part. Cept the pain. So I got tired of dealing with the docs regarding it and decided to go the mj route. Soon as I get this grow done, I will be good. Got 3 types, each with different phenotypes so that each one is different in how it will affect me. Did that on purpose. Going to do the eatables and the vaping. Looking forward to being able to do them. Dont have any mj now to vap or eat, but am in hopes. Seeing some sugar leaves developing on my girls… yummmm


@bob31 I am going to be reading alot here. Its just been confusing to me. And them with the conversations about vaping and such I just get lost. I try…but being an old fart now, not easy. I will keep reading. Been concentrating on my grow so now I have more time to read this stuff.


I don’t have a butter machine but I have made it with decarbonised sugar leaves and small buds @SmoknGranny


@cyberblast are you in the US? I’m going to assume your are by the way you talk.

While you are waiting for your MJ to come why don’t you get an inexpensive vape pen and some CBD vape juice?

The vape pen that @AnneBonny found is awesome and works really well and I found a site that has reasonable prices on vape juice that is very high in cbd. No buzz but you might get some pain relief from just the cbd. Many do. I need the THC from MJ with the high CBD. I get a very light buzz.because the high CBD mostly balances it out.

I can’t post the exact website links but I can get you to the product with a Google search.

I liked the vape pen so well I bought a second one just for me! I was sharing it with my wife!

Oh and don’t fret about being confused. There is a lot to know and learn but bottom line is this will ease your pain, improve your life and make it a lot more enjoyable.