Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


Okay, great! Thanks for the info, looks like Grenco has a customer…if they ship to Belgium.


Where do you get those little emoji’s from? They are really cool, I know it’s not about the subject lol I’ve seen them around a lot and just wondered, sorry to but in


@DieHigh55 when I see ones I like on this site or other sites, I right click and save as to my desktop then I have a folder of them that I organize them into. I wondered the same thing a couple months back.


Hey @bob31 Can I pick your brain on mixing a CBD/THC vape juice?

I’ve been having an awful time sleeping because of back and shoulder pain so am anxious to get a batch going. I went by the dispensary after work today and got 1 gram of CBD hemp wax that has 25% CBD &.021% THC and 1 gram of concentrated cannabis oil (made from mad dawg) that is 52.11% THC. I have not purchased the MCT yet as I still have too much VG and PG so will likely go with the 70/30 mixture of that.

My dilemma is I don’t know how much wax and cco to add as I’ve only ever made it with flower infused to the VG/PG then strained. And honestly I am just too tired to try and figure out the ratio on my own and don’t want to waste product relying on my own brain in the state it’s in. Please help! Would it really be as simple as following your example of using 1/3 of what I have? Probably not since I’m using wax and you used oil. Ugh! Thanks in advance for any input. ~AB


Hi @AnneBonny since I’m a day late my guess is you already made yours but I would probably try to do a 1:1 CBD to THC or Higher so more of the CBD wax than the THC oil

Wax 25% CBD &.021% THC
Oil 52.11% THC

I would use a half gram of Wax for 12.5 CBD and 1/4 gram of oil for 13 THC then add your 70/30 mix of PG/VG and I’m ok with using PG and VG. I decided to use MCT but I have a bottle of both PG and VG that I am not going to waste either!

You will need to boil your dropper bottle for about 5 minutes and then give it a good shake to make sure everything blends well!


Thanks @bob31. That sounds like a good plan. I planned on making it tonight but fell asleep when I got home and then didn’t have the energy to do the mental gymnastics. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again as I appreciate the help. ~ AB


Quick couple of questions :blush:
How long can stored decarbed trim be stored? Best container for storage? Best place to store container?
Okay. It ended up being three questions :rofl:


3 questions, but you asked them all together like they were only one LOL hahahaha :grinning::+1::v::palm_tree:

How long… hmmm good question. Maybe a a back at ya question would be: How long do you think you will need to keep it?

Any airtight container should work ok. (The longer you store, the better container you will need)

Cool dry dark

basically the same rules as storing bud! @SmoknGranny


I’m thinking of decarbing about 3 1 gallon bags (need to weigh) between now and when I have to close up my garage for winter. I figured over the next few months I might get a chance to try a few things. Trick will be keeping any and all odors from entering the rest of the house :blush:


I hear ya on the odors! I would use quart mason jars to store them to ensure it stays fresh @SmoknGranny


NOW if it will just stop RAINING so my neighbor can remove the dog runs from the garage then I can rearrange in there for one old dog, mini greenhouse, cooking area, and all the rest of stuff stored in there :blush: I figure I only 2-3 weeks for getting some toaster oven decarb baked & maybe some butter.


Still my favorite is Brownies.


@bob31 Update on my CBD/THC vape juice. I originally didn’t have the correct bottle to put in and boil so I used a small glass canning jar. It didn’t work very well. It was hard to mix/swirl/shake with such a small amount. The real problem was I didn’t add enough pg/vg mixture and it was way too thick. I decided to order the farm to vape and some of the correct jars and tonight mixed that thick mixture which was basically wax and CCO into a fresh batch of the farm to vape. Texture is much better. But I am coughing like crazy with it. I added cinnamon flavor so am not sure if its that or the thinner. Always something to tweek!


I’m not sure on the cinnamon but try not inhaling so deeply. I like the ftv it works well. You can always add ftv drops to your mix to thin it a little more as well @AnneBonny

Have you used the cinnamon before?


Only in my hard candies that I make, not vape juice. It is a strong flavor (too strong for this I’m thinking now). Thankfully I did’t flavor the whole batch I just did one cartridge. I have been taking baby hits and that’s helped. I will try a different flavor when this one is done and compare then.


I always just flavor the cartridge because I found that after a cartridge of say raspberry, I’m ready for a different flavor. Pineapple and coconut are pretty good vape!



If I had the patience to make the juice I would love to try it the candy I can make I’ve only done the farm to vape


It’s pretty easy really. The hard part is getting the MJ into a solid. Once you have that just add one gram to a couple ML of vape juice (PG, VG, PEG or MCT oil or a blend) I basically use the FTV directions as a guide once i fill the cartridge I add a few drops of flavor until it tastes right!

Good Stuff! @Hogmaster


Haven’t made it from my own harvest yet. Can’t wait to try it though. I see a new flat iron my future.


I haven’t either! I want to. I have enough to make some, but I need the hair iron. I bought a couple of quick grip vises on sale last week at the hardware store!

This one caught my eye on amazon