Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


please do bob…i’m thinking of getting started vaping.
like you,mostly for public affairs and such…lol
i have an old pen,i used back when i smoked tobacco
it is not all that either. lol


Exactly @BIGE It is how my wife ultimately takes her meds.

An update on the Grenco Science Gpen that I bought earlier in the year. I had nothing but problems since i bought it with the tanks all leaking. It came with one tank and it leaked within a month. Grenco assured me this was a fluke so they replaced it and I ordered two more. All three of those and another one I bought later, all leaked. I only have one tank left and it only contains CBD oil so I will probably just dump the oil into my collection solution that is 90% isopropyl alcohol. Once I have enough in the jar I will evaporate it and collect the resin that is left behind!

I bought a generic 510 vaporizer that came with one glass tank. I bought an additional 4 tanks and now I bought an additional battery and tank so i can have one and the bride can have one.

All told I spent well over $100 on the GPen and tanks.

On the generic 510 models I got two of them and tanks for about $60 all told. And they work just fine! Thanks for that heads up @AnneBonny

They are very discreet portable and they work a long time on a battery charge which by the way is done via a USB connector! WIN WIN WIN!!!


Nice @bob31 Thanks for sharing. So the MCT oil replaces both the PG and VG from what it looks like. That’s CBD oil your using too, not tincture correct. Looking forward to trying this method though I have to get some containers to drop into the boiling water. Glad the 510 pens are working out better. I love mine especially since I ordered some additional glass tanks. I keep a day time tank and a night time tank (night time tank I marked with some blue nail polish because the sharpie marker kept coming off).

@BIGE They are not fancy by any means but do the trick and are subtle and reliable. I actually packed mine in my purse last time I flew to VA and tucked it in with my pens and lipstick in my purse pocket and nobody was the wiser. Check them out at vape mood dot com.


So the Grenco science gpen is a bad buy? Wow, glad I saw this, its the one I was planning on getting for my son. I’ll check out the site @AnneBonny recommended and a few of the online “headshops” in Holland I order things from. Thanks for the warning!:+1:


If you need a guinea pig I’m available


thank you @AnneBonny


@DieHigh55 I thought you were looking g for a bud vaporizer? The grenco gpro I bought works solid. And the gpro performed well. Just the tanks leaked. Every last one of them. Not do much as a drop has leaked from the 510 tanks.

@AnneBonny the CBD oil I am using is decarbed and comes from hemp. It is a high quality and this specific CBD oil is MCT based so I decided to add my own MCT as a base to stay consistent. I’m pretty sure most any modern glass dropper bottle will handle being boiled.

This is really a lot of trial and error but I am trying to keep good notes so I can try to make this as consistent as possible though I realize that I will have to estimate the THC:CBD ratio when I’m using my own bud.

I love experimenting!


So how does it vape? I mean do you see a difference in the MCT vs using the PG/VG?


A little less vapor but it isn’t sticky like the vg is and a heck of a lot safer than the pg.

Seems to be working well but I’ve only tried it twice. I will try it again in a bit and tomorrow morning. Seems to work pretty well so far! @AnneBonny

I bought a bottle of MCT on Amazon so I have plenty!


Nice! Keep me posted as you use it more if you don’t mind. @bob31 I’m going to have to add that MCT to my list.

I have decided that I’m going to incorporate that big batch that I made in the Magical Butter Machine in July into a MMJ salve or lotion. PG and VG are used in lotions and cosmetics so I’m going to repurpose it and mix into the recipe with the other products. I made a nice lavender hand balm that is kind of firm that I think adding this to will loosen it up nicely into more of a cream.

My husband is forever banging up his hands and arms working on small engines and just doing stuff around the house. In the winter it’s worse with dry, cracking skin so I’m hoping it will help with that. Although I don’t suppose he will want a lavender scent so I will have to come up with an alternative for that. :grin:


I am, so the gpro is a dry vape and I don’t have to worry about oils and stuff leaking out? It heats on batteries right?


@bob31 Checked the Grenco site again, the G pen pro for “dry material” is the one I want. Good price, good reviews. Still don’t know how it heats up though. Reading comprehension =0😆


Not sure what you mean? On how it heats up? Happy to explain to the best I can! @DieHigh55

The pro is a winner. Though the one they are calling the pro now looks a little different from the one I bought 8 months ago. I’m sure the concept is basically the same!


Just bookmarked this one @bob31 hahaha still need to find the time to play with it


Yeah, does it work on batteries?


@Skylives07 here’s the eddibles thread lots of reading but worth it happy growing


Before I received my seeds I couldn’t wait to get them… I just thought I would be happy and my life would be complete with my seeds. my seeds are here and I can’t wait for them to sprout and germinate…now you guys have me looking forward to harvest and my seeds haven’t even sprouted yet! Lol the struggle is real.


It will all come in time @Skylives07
Just keep reading in the mean time hahahaha you’ll have more ideas then time ol


And the fun is just beginning :blush:


yes it has a rechargeable battery. They last a really long time between charges. Mine has a mini usb plug on it and I use the same plug as my cell phone so I use that to charge it, but it came with everything!

@Countryboyjvd1971 This in one of my favorite topics!

@Skylives07 you have no idea what you have gotten into! hahaha woohoo