Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


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Do you make your own candy? Or add it to store bought or pre-made candy?


@bob31 I make my own using the Lorann oils recipe. It’s easy. Just sugar, light corn syrup and water with whatever flavor. Definitely get a candy thermometer. That’s what I use the concentrated Cannibus oil from the dispensary for as its a small enough amount it doesn’t mess with consistency of the candy.


I’m replying to this over in the recipe topic to try to help keep the edibles info organized
an oz/cup is about the max saturation point of butter and coconut oil.
MB II machine recommends 14-21 grams/cup. I usually err on the side of more than 21 but < 28.
Something I just noticed missing from most of the canna-butter and canna-oil recipes posted here is sunflower lecithin. @AnneBonny? I’m sure you must’ve read that somewhere in Corrine Tobias’ recipes

I use a tbs or powdered Sunflower lecithin/cup of oil. Here’s why…

Lecithin is a yellow-brown colored fatty substance found in all living things (it’s a gooey substance that makes up about a third of your brain). Lecithin contains choline, which is used throughout your entire body as a major ingredient in each and every cell membrane. Besides the fact that your brain absolutely loves this stuff, lecithin provides other benefits when it is included in marijuana infused oils.

First, lecithin gets more cannabinoids into your brain and other cells and it gets them there faster since, you know, your brain is made of the stuff. Second, lecithin increases the effectiveness of the cannabinoids as well as the intensity of the effect. Also, lecithin acts as an emulsifier in the infusion process, helping more cannabinoids to bond with the oil molecules.

Sunflower lecithin is now widely-regarded as being a better alternative to traditional soy-based lecithin. You can probably find sunflower lecithin in your local health foods store, and you may find it in liquid form, granule form or both, either of which is fine

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C’mon, I thought using cannabis was no longer considered vise… ha ha ha ha
I tried making vape juice from VG tincture made from buds mixed with some PG but it was nowhere near strong enough. So NOW I learn that you have to extract into concentrate first then emulsify into a solution with PG/VG. Right?


@Willd good ol @bob31 is the vape master that’s one of the few things I don’t make I cheat and use farm to vape


Yeah but you’re making your own wax and other concentrates right?


Yes @Willd I add lecithin when I do edibles/oils and honey. The only thing I don’t add it to is when I make candy. I mentioned it somewhere along the line but I don’t think it was this thread.


@Willd yes you need to extract the bud to a solid like wax or shatter and then you add that to the vape base.

@Countryboyjvd1971 made vape juice last weekend and it came out fine. He used kief hash and then pressed with his new press then added wax/dabs to the vape juice.

Other options is to buy CBD vape juice online and add the wax to that.

I bought my own base so I can fill my tanks the way I want them!


@Willd I make edibles concentrates wax shatter fresh Rozen stuff like that topical cream’s :wink:



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Anyone have any ideas how to make CBD oil? We’ve been buying it online but it sure puts a hole in the pocket especially as both my wife and I use it. Don’t want to get involved with things that explode making the oil( read the post earlier about the girl who was badly burned, how sad), and if it’s a big hassle, would growing and vaping a CBD strain be just as good? Thanks.


@DieHigh55 google “difficulties of growing MJ for CBD” The issue is the different phenotypes. Most CBD comes from Hemp because it contains virtually no THC.

All MJ strains contain THC and even if you grow a strain known to be high in CBD, only one in four plants would actually be of this high CBD phenotype.


So it’s not worth the trouble really? BTW, I liked the Grenco Science vape pens, I think I know what Jr. Is getting for his birthday.


I looked at it long and hard @DieHigh55 and I just couldn’t figure how to guarantee high CBD without submitting to a testing company.

Take a look at the website Pure CBD Vapors

They have the best prices and selection that I have seen. (not sure if they ship to you tho)

But I do understand your plight.


I’ll do that, thanks for your help, brother. Actually, my wife has the worst plight of both of us, a chronic pain in the neck, and NOT just me.