Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


Are you thinning it at all? How’s the Amnesia Haze as vape juice? I ordered AH Seeds for my next grow. I need more sativas…


One of the local dispensary’s has Durban Poison in an o.pen cartridge which I think is compatible with our 510 system so I may try it out.

My big 3 are Durban Poison, amnesia Haze and Chocolope


I’m following the recipe from the you tube video that was posted on this thread so 70/30 vg/pg Need to use that bottle of pg before I switch. It’s fairly thin so I haven’t done anything different to it. I have to say this batch came out thinner than the one I did in the MB2 machine and I wonder if it’s because the machine grinds everything up where the mason jar method doesn’t. I like the consistency of the mason jar version better.

It’s a nice vape. Like I mentioned a little harder on the throat but I smoothed that out with flavor. Gave me a nice mellow feeling but not zoned out like the other one I did for night time. I’ve been bumping around the house being productive so that works like I wanted.

I too needed another sativa so was bummed that 2 of my plants crapped out. I’m thinking of getting some of the chocolope next but may go with the AH again.


I’m gonna use up mine at some point too @AnneBonny

Glad you like the ah. I have Chocolope bud here that I’ve been vaping and it works well for daytime for sure. Durpan Poison is probably the highest rated daytime but until ILGM comes out with fem seeds I’m not going to grow it.


@AnneBonny that’s awesome I’m going to give it a go this weekend and try to infuse the rosin into my VG ? I’ll let you all know how I make out I have flavorings to add if it doesn’t taste good hahahah work still but I’ll try and check back in lol


Ive seen the aftermath of a BHO explosion first hand. My friends burnt so bad cause their clothes melted to their bodies. A beautiful girl now scarred all over her body. Ventilation people, Cant stress that fact enough!



i have used this. it melts shatter. i put some durban poison wax into a .2 sub ohm vape and took a few puffs. ended up not sleeping for 2 days

ej mix definitely imparts a taste. there is a way to use half, however

i strongly recommend using half to minimize the taste distraction

to use half the amount of ej mix, hot water bath the wax double boiler style. the trick is to warm the wax so it naturally melts in and then add the ejmix. then stir constantly while the mild heat is applied until blended (up to 10 minutes, this is normal)

you are likely going to want to thin it out a bit and dilute the taste further. to do this, get some food grade propylene glycol (PG), and add about the same amount of drops as ejmix while still in the double boiler

ejmix is made with peg300&400 and pg. Polyethylene glycol, PEG was originally used in nicotine vapes, but its flavor was fairly overwhelming, so now people use PG or VG (vegetable glycerin).

the peg 300 and 400 is molecular weight, and that molecular weight is needed to dissolve the wax, but PG blends well with the ejmix/wax solution and is virtually tasteless by itself. the ejmix, not so much, so the PG helps dilute it slightly, but not completely

a word about VG: dont use it. not even a little. i failed to wash my tank out from some nicotine VG and it starting pulling the wax out of the solution. NOT what i wanted to happen at all.

Also, as strong as a sub ohm tank is (i couldnt even complete sentences puffing on martian candy wax through the .2 ohm tank), the fatal flaw, and it happened every single time, is that it eventually leaks through the filter and out of the tank, not only losing the good stuff, but making a TERRIBLE mess


They have a mint and orange flavor I think. I don’t use this I would buy a dank tank but now I just roll one up or use my vape. That cubano was good man but I couldn’t have a beer with it cause was going to pain management dr. so I am gonna be in Dago on the 22nd and will be swinging in for a cubano and brew.


Springfield has largest collection of steins


Do you have a vacuum oven or whatever they are called for purging?


Yes I do :wink:


Hey Guys, Leafly wrote an article about that $299- Rosin press that Walmart was selling.

Copy and past this into your browser and you will find the article and a video as well in the article!

We Made Dabs With a $299 Walmart Rosin Press


maybe later i have bigger fish to fry today @bob31 …lol
sounds awesome!! those machines expensive!


@BIGE they work great tho lol :+1:
@bob31 WooHoo


What ya up to today @BIGE ???


same old grind,kinda rainy here today and all of my help must have gotten shnockered last night cause i have a bunch of no shows!!!lol


Boot in ass for them boys they sure don’t work like we used to



Do you make your own candy? Or add it to store bought or pre-made candy?


@bob31 I make my own using the Lorann oils recipe. It’s easy. Just sugar, light corn syrup and water with whatever flavor. Definitely get a candy thermometer. That’s what I use the concentrated Cannibus oil from the dispensary for as its a small enough amount it doesn’t mess with consistency of the candy.