Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


Ok, I’m gonna have to look at that. My only issue is that I don’t have any steel plate. I did read that a press for tshirts transfers would work too. I will post one from amazon @Myfriendis410



Here is a cream recipe that I got from @garrigan62 and I think it was @Majiktoker recipe

Comments below on more info from @AnneBonny

As far as extracting the ABV that is a process to do separately and i will post that next

16 0z’s of coconut oil
1-2 Oz’s of sugar trim or flowers, using flowers them selves you’ll have a
stronger affect (relieving affect)
1 oz of beeswax
1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
Get a saucepan, melt the coconut oil. Throw in the flowers or trim when
oil starts melting. Then let it simmer for 1-2 hours DO NOT boil.
After an hour or 2 whenever product darkens and starts to get crispy
(preferably once crispy because you will strain). Remove all crispy
trim from coconut oil and leave on low flame, than that’s when you’ll
mix in the one oz of beeswax and once all the beeswax is melted shut
flame down and immediately stir in vitamin e oil do not wait to
add because it will start to solidify once removed from heat.
After vitamin e oil is mixed in get storage container or containers
and put in the container(s) than stick in fridge. Also optional
but if you want to add fragrant to the salve you may do so at the
same time you add vitamin e oil
Do not freeze but after put it in fridge for one hour to cool.

I made some gifts at Christmas, one of which was a balm with lavender oil to prevent cracking
of pet paw pads from salt and sand and snow. I imagine you could do something similar and add the cannabis.
Loran Oils website (didn’t post as I wasn’t sure it was ok) has some great lotion and soap and bath fizz recipes you should look at. Maybe you can adjust the recipe and add cannabis or cannabis oil to it.
For instance one of the recipes calls for almond oil. I bet you could infuse the almond oil with cannabis prior to making the recipe and get it in that way.


Extracting ABV

Make QWISO From Your ABV

Some Medium Brown ABV
The next step in the e-liquid making process is make quick wash iso hash from your ABV.
For this step, I recommend saving at minimum 15 grams of ABV, but more is always better,
and placing it in your freezer along with the alcohol for at least twelve hours
(this will improve the efficiency of the extraction) before using it. Next, take your glass jar out
of the freezer and fill it with alcohol until the ABV is completely covered with alcohol.
Add the lid and then shake the mixture vigorously for forty-five seconds to a minute, and
then remove the lid and attach a cheesecloth to the top of the jar with the rubber band.
Next, you’ll want to strain this mixture into your pyrex dish and then let the mixture dry
completely in a ventilated area over the next day or so.

I got this from Vapor Blog dot org


Once the ABV is extracted it can be used in the cream above and I’m told also to make vape juice, though i’m not sure how that would be.

Has anyone made vape juice out of ABV?


Here is a t shirt press @Myfriendis410

about $100-


That’s a great recipe! Do you use regular rubbing alcohol?


@ktreez420 what is BHO ??? I ordered press yesterday brother
@bob31 @Myfriendis410
They do sell heat plate that will mount to a bottle type jack or press FYI
I also saw clam shell type presses for 199 or less when looking
At work today catch up soon folks :v:️John


Its wax/oil/shatter, that’s why I’m so excited I’ve found someone who will run my bud for me!



Just came across this post that you folks may find interesting

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@DieHigh55 I use the good stuff! 99% ISO

I also put it in a jar and when I clean my Liquid vape pens and such everything goes in for a dunk!


@MBgrower meant to tell you I put that new vaporizer into service about 4 days ago. Working great and the wife likes it too! I bought the package like you showed me and also 5 spare glass tanks. So far so good!


BHO stands for butane honey oil

so BHO is the oil made with butane gas extraction

copied for the web



With that t-shirt press do you know how much pressure it is actually applying?



funny I was just thinking the same thing. I don’t recall actually looking for that either.


@bob31 Did it come with a non-glass tank in the package? I’m just curious how you like the glass vs the plastic (?) Not sure what it’s made of, it’s just lighter. I think I would prefer the glass so am curious.


Bubbies sauerkraut???:joy:If bubbie knew what her jar was being used for, she’d plotz! (Some of my moms Yiddish words)


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@AnneBonny I bought the one with the glass to start with.


It was a few dollars more, but with the 5 pack of glass cartridges, that gives me a nice round number of 6. I bought the 1ml tanks



I was curious as to who would be the first to comment on that! Yes, she would have a fit! hahaha

I am going to use that for my next crop. I just need a better jar for soaking! That one is too big. Love that 'kraut btw it is delicious!


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