Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes


@Countryboyjvd1971 Which diabetes does she have? Which Type?


Type 2 brother


k, gotcha. Just making sure


Thanks. Bro


Another article to read that helps fill in the blanks

Looks like High CBD and THCV is what she needs. The High CBD oil is easy cause you can buy that anywhere online now like that place I posted above. But now we need to figure out a good source of THCV

The problem with THCV is it is somewhat psycho active. The good news is that I high in CBD oil will nullify the effects of the THC even quicker. So you may have to experiment a little to get this nailed for her.

Back to the Leafly site to find strains high in THCV

@AnneBonny @Countryboyjvd1971


I’m going to need to do a bunch of reading on this bob I appreciate your help
I don’t mind making smaller batches till we find the right combination
I’ll be reading up myself


@Countryboyjvd1971 I just got down further on the leafly article and the strains are listed right there.

One is Durban Poison, which ILGM Sells. Still looking through the list of strains…

Look for African sativas.

Lab results show that THCV is most abundant in sativas, particularly landrace strains from Africa. Durban Poison is one of the more common high-THCV strains, but other options can be found in the strain list below.


@Countryboyjvd1971 No brainer brother! Grow her some Durban Poison. Once you harvest and dry/ cure you can make tincture or vape juice for her.

Any sources for Durban Poison in your wheelhouse? If you could come up with 14 grams we could get you started

Regular seeds tho, no fems from ILGM


Are you happy with that Vape? @AnneBonny

One of my tanks is leaking. It is now the third tank to leak on me since January and I’m not very happy with this. Grenco has already replace one tank under warranty, but I suspect these two tanks are out of warranty.

Will your stand up on end with the battery and tank connected? Not a deal breaker, just curious.


No but out of one of those presses would ! I only get about a 50% return with this method it’s just not big enough but it does work pretty killer


That’s what I grew for my first plant, good strong grower, gets to be ,well, bigger than me ,so around 5 ft 10 inches


So here is something that I figured out. I found a strain that is available locally that has Durban Poison twice in it’s Lineage.


here is my diagram
DP = Durban Poison
GSCX = Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
GDP = Grand Daddy Purple.

Just so happens I have a lab label for Cobbler from a local dispensary and they do not list THCV. So they probably didn’t test for it.

They also sell OG Kush here locally and it is decent high in CBDA 9.9% and .04% CBD

I think @Sl1 has a test lab that can test MJ. if they can do it off a small enough sample, I’d be willing to have them test some that I have.

In theory I would also say that


Thats good to know. Gonna need to scrog that bad girl! @daz49 @Countryboyjvd1971


@bob31 I’m happy with it so far. I haven’t had any leaks but I don’t use it everyday either. I think the mouth piece feels a little cheap but for $15 bucks I can’t complain. That stinks that your only getting a few months before they leak. You can’t stand this one up as it has the round rubbery thing on the end so it can be used as a stylus…for all those times your vaping and need a stylus :wink:. It does come with a sleek case for everything though and I like that so it all stays together.


sounds good @AnneBonny How long have you had that tank filled with juice?

BTW Same color nails as my wife, lol


I’ll have to look around brother but I’m thinking I’ll neeed to order some seeds from Iglm in the end no real dispensaries in NY what available is in edible form
Looks like I’ll be placing a bean order thanks for the help bob I’m going to read the rest of the article now and I sent it to my wife so she can read it she’s still a bit of a non believer bob lol but slowly coming around :+1:


ok brother I hear ya. Ask her what she have to lose? @Countryboyjvd1971

Here is what I just bought on Wednesday and delivered today from that website above.

The one on the left is 250 mg per ml of Hemp CBD Oil/ Tincture. It is for my dog and cat, but it is the same basically as what we also use, except there is no THC. The bottle on the right is 100 mg per ml of vape juice. Same thing, no THC and also from Hemp.


Nice I’ll check out the site I sent her the link you posted and asked her to read it
She’s on the fence really
She still doesn’t fully believe but I asked her does she think all these states are going legal because it’s not helping some people and she has at least admitted there is a medical use so that’s a start and I told exactly what you said what do you have to loose :+1:
I’m making this happen brother


geez it’s better than being a lab rat…

Too bad Cobbler isn’t available from ILGM… That’s a good one, but the GSCX is a winner too though I haven’t tried it… I’m gonna need a bigger tent!


Hahahhaa well said

Yeah she’ll come around I’ve been talking about it for a while so I’m sure she’ll give it a go
I told her to talk to her doctors
Oh did I mention she’s a office manager for a doctors office :upside_down_face: Hahaha but she’s afraid to bring it up hahahhaha
Catholic school broke her bob lol