Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes

It was just me going to the web site farmtovape they had jugs of it at one time take a gram and fill a eye dropper and fill but I was doing small batch’s


@Hogmaster I’m getting ready to harvest some big bud from ilgm. Can you explain to me how to make shatter? Experience in growing but new to all the hash edible ect

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You need a press I have one from Dabpress it works better then the others I have had 1000% recommendation I don’t do Chemicals so I don’t make shatter anymore you can practically do the same thing with the price and it’s 100% pure all you’re using is heat and friction


What dab press do you recommend?

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Dabpress dot com I have the 3 ton 3x3

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WillD’s Vape Oil
While generally regarded as safe by the FDA, I prefer not vape PG, PEG, VG or anything not naturally occurring in cannabis and use only terpenes to dilute & flavor my home made oil.

When I tell you how easy this is you’ll want to DIY
I made it easy on myself by purchasing some basic lab equipment. You can equip yourself for @$100 if you shop around.

I.) A hot plate/magnetic stirrer is a must.
II.) A 25ml low form beaker or 2 make it easier and ensure less waste than the 4oz Ball jars I see people using on YouTube.
III.) 3ml syringes with 15ga blunt tip needles are a must as is an instant read IR thermometer.
IV.) disposable pipettes
V.) Empty carts*

*I’ve tried several types and sizes of cartridges and it seems that the half gram ones produce far better Vape than the 1 g ones regardless of design. I made the mistake of buying a lot of 20 unbranded CCell knock-offs on eBay and threw >1/4 of them away due to leakage from the bottom vent holes.

Concentrate: (in my case it’s rosin pressed from dry ice shaken keif)
Terpene isolates or strain profile(s): (widely available from countless sources by searching the Internet for “terpenes”)

I use the mix calculator on the true terpenes site because it includes volumetric measurements along with weight. I always use 0% for the diluent and 16% for the terps for my okey gooey keif rosin.
I like doing 4.2g at a time, because that makes 10 full .5g carts using 1ml terpenes
Terpenes are lighter than water by volume so .8g of terps= .96ml.
I round up to 1ml and we’re still looking at 84% rosin. More potent than any pre-filled cart people buy in dispensaries & from retail “vendors”.
Not likely to fail pesticide testing either

ROSIN +16% TERPENES works best for my keif rosin. Your results may vary depending on the purity, source (rosin, shatter, wax) & viscosity of your concentrate.

1.) I put the beaker on the scale & tare it to 0
2.) Then I weigh out 4.2g rosin and place it in the beaker. (If you get a little bit on the sides of the beaker that’s OK you can use a little butane torch on low and just lightly hit the sides of the beaker to melt the rosin back down into the bottom of the beaker)
3.) I set the heat to low usually comes up to about 60°C.
4.) Once melted, I drop a little bar magnet in the beaker cover it and put the stirrer on just fast enough to make it spin & mix.
5.) When it starts to bubble, I use a pipette to add 1ml of terpenes, then I turn off the heat and put the lid back on the beaker continuing to mix for 120 seconds or till emulsified and crack open an empty cartridge while I wait.
6.) I turn the mixer off and draw a couple of drops oil out with a syringe and put it in the cartridge and see it it leaks. If no leak, I fill it.
7.) at this point, you can either draw it all up and fill individual carts in this way or transfer to a 15ml unicorn bottle and refil the same cart multiple times.

I pour some acetone in the beaker and draw it into the syringe and eject back into the beaker a few times. I wait until the hot plate is back to about room temp & put it back on the mixer to stir the acetone & oil residue all up.
I swab it out with a couple of paper napkins being careful to place the little magnet bar on a separate napkin. I throw the acetone soaked napkins in the trash and repeat it with some more clean acetone and clean the syringe again with clean acetone and disassemble it to dry. I swab out the beaker again inside and out with a clean acetone soaked napkin. If the syringe is gummed up I throw it away. Are usually just wipe off the disposable pipette with a clean paper napkin.
That’s it.
@North_East_Newbie and the rest of the folks who’ve been spending money and time messing with farm to vape, wax liquidizer and other diluent that do not occur naturally in cannabis and produce inferior results.

All terps is the only way to go for me. A 5ml bottle of Floraplex strain profile terpenes for $30 can turn 21g of rosin to 50 .5g vape carts at 16% dilution. I don’t know whether or not that translates to 84% THC, but it’s definitely 84% rosin and 100% better than any pre-filled cart I have sampled. Thanks again to @North_East_Newbie for finding Floraplex.


This recipe is great Will! Making 10 .5 g or 5 1g. carts is perfect.
Now to start buying my at home science project supplies. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been messing around with VG & PG with poor success & the wax liquidizer product was good, but not great. Thank you for sharing your success with us!
I have A LOT of pressing to do this weekend… Thanks again Will, I truly appreciate this!


Great info Will! When I was at the Seattle Canna Con, there were at least 10 vendors selling terpines, so it’s becoming big business. I bookmarked your post to come back and try once I get a press :wink::v:


I’m checking out the terpin dillutent on floraplex what does it mean when it says for winterized extract?


It means to remove the waxes and lipids with solvents from everything I’ve been reading. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’m a total novice. This stuff stays emulsified.
I don’t use the diluent and just use all the strain profile terps. I’m going to try a couple of strengths

Anything 80% rosin or better is going to be good and potent.
4.2g rosin +.8g terps =16% dilution
4.1g rosin+ .9g terps=18% dilution
4g rosin.1g terps=20% dilution


Cartridge testing - Phase I
So I found a decent company that distributes empty, refillable Vape cartridges.

Unlike the vendor I bought the junk from on eBay this company actually had a disclaimer with some commonsense tips I wish I had thought of prior to filling half a dozen junk cartridges with good oil that leaked all over the place and ultimately ended up in the trash.

Every oil is going to work differently with different cartridge/battery combos
As long as I continue to make mine from keif rosin, and dilute it 16-18% with terpenes the consistency should not vary much from batch to batch. If I make any oil from flower rosin, I will have to do this whole testing thing all over again.

Test with a few drops first. I feel dumb for not doing that.
Test with different batteries if you have them. I have 3 different types.

The junk carts I bought don’t produce adequate heat without cranking up the Wattage on the battery, which eventually cooks some of the terpene content and changes the flavor as the oil runs down. You have to draw so long & hard on them just to get a hit, it ends up aggravating my neck where I had a fusion performed in 2008.
I don’t need that.
Results of the A4 and Bud-S to follow.

These use a 2 chamber reservoir & a drip plate instead of a coil. No gooey o-rings either.

The bigger chamber is where the oil goes. The smaller one is where the vape is routed to the mouthpiece.
I hope these work better than the last batch. I’ve refilled some commercial pre-filled carts my step daughter brought up and they work great but also vary from cart to cart across the exact same brand & exact same oil. Go figure.
The .5g TKO branded one I’m currently using absolutely rips! Not sure how many times they are refillable, but we’re gonna find out.


I will say I bought some cheaper carts that leaked, but they were only held together by a rubber ring.
After learning that lesson the hard way, I bought Amigo Liberty V9 carts, based on a blog in the Wax Liquidizer website.

They are easy to fill because the heating element comes out of the glass tube. They have a fill mark displacement fills the cartridge when you put it back together. they screw together to limit leaking & also have adjustable air intake, which I haven’t tested enought to have an opinion on.


I have some of this type coming as well. I think ETA was monday


Bad results with the drip plate carts. The ones with the rubber plug burned out after only a couple uses.
The screw on one lasted all day but burnt out on my second hit this morning.
Here’s what we’re working on today

Just over 24g rosin portioned into six containers. Each container makes about 5mL oil.
Each 5mL bottle of terps will make 4-5 of those 5mL batches depending on the dilution.
16% yields 5 batches @.96 mL per batch
20% yields 4 batches @1.2mL per batch
Have more sample packs of carts coming to test. I had no idea it was going to be so frustrating and difficult to find the right hardware to use the stuff


Yeah, but that looks like fun stuff. And your kief ball looks like the snow man of my dreams.

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So I just mixed up a 2.5g batch of Granddaddy Purple. it’s delicious and potent and wow.
I need to chill out with this stuff until I’ve tested more cartridge types


Have you considered using pods?

What are pods?
I’ve had a trio of citrus terps for culinary applications in the cupboard for a few years, so I made a custom orange blend with some “leftover” isolate blend. It’s not as citrus forward as I hoped but I can fortify a new blend w more orange for another go at it some other time. If my calculations are correct (1mL terps/5mL batch) I have way more terpene isolates than I can use in a lifetime in these six 1oz bottles.
@ 30mL/oz that’s 180 mL terps or 180x5mL
That’s almost a liter of vape oil.
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. O Rosin!
We’re gonna need more rosin.


I made a spreadsheet of the isolates to make up some of my own profiles.
The row headings are the isolate abbreviations
The scale is 1unit=3mL so adding up each column will =10 units or 30mL or 1 oz.
I made 6 blends each with a higher percentage of it’s own name. They all have 2 units of Myrcene since that one increases the CB1 receptor saturation levels. I put an extra unit of limonene in that profile as well. I love lemon.
For example, a-pinene profile is going to be a-pinene forward/dominant. The myrcene profile is more myrcene dominant etc…


These are pods. In this example they fit the Smok brand. You get a better draw and no leaking. Pods are worth a search from any vape seller @Willd