Recipe for disaster?

I was wanting to share some secret information about myself. It deals with a personal flaw and how I have dealt with it all of my adult life. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. When I was a little kid (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade) My buddies and I used to scrounge cigarrette butts off of the ground to smoke at the neighborhood store. I was a little guy but fast as a cat. I loved fighting. I got my ass kicked but I did a lot more ass kicking than I got. I was constantly in trouble at school. I came from an Irish Catholic family and had 6 brothers and sisters. My Dad and Mom were from a place known as Skunk City (funny how that has worked it’s way through my story.) and my Grandparents were all FBI (Foreign Born Irish, Irish born in the homeland) I remember many Christmas’s or Easters or family gatherings and they all ended the same way…All the men and sometimes the ladies would be out front Drunk and brawling with each other! I loved everything about my childhood and life and the people who decorated it.

I went to all Catholic Schools even through University and have nothing bad to say about it. I loved the Priests, Brothers and Sisters and never once did any of them try to touch me “inappropriately”. I got the paddle, the hand, and one Nun had a red pointer she called the peppermint stick and they doled it out liberally. There is a small part of me that misses those simpler times when I believed ALL that the church was selling. As I grew older, like Santa and the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy, all those beliefs drifted off to what they were pipedreams and bull!@#$. I now believe this is our 1 and only go around in this life so I plan on enjoying all that I can.

I am addicted to thrill and excitement! I have been married for 39 years (same woman when we made promises back then we did all we could to stick with them.) Hell, one of my brothers has lived his whole life with a completely crazy woman that has taken a huge toll on him. When I asked him why he didn’t leave her he answered “for better or worse in SICKNESS and in health till death do us part” what kind of a man leaves a sick partner??? ( I literally have tears in my eyes right now about that)

I was never arrested and have a very respectable shell on the outside. I have hidden so much from my loved ones. I graduated college in 1975 BBA Accounting. Went to work in the Cost Accounting department of a big Manufacturer. Moved on as manufacturing in this country died. I have always prepared income taxes. I still to this day do about 75 tax returns. I do not think I have ever submitted an honest return! I am !@#$ing proud of that! I have only had one client have any serious issues with the IRS and it wasn’t because of me, he was a real dick to the auditors and they got him back big time. You cannot win those types of arguments so I have NEVER let my interactions with the IRS denegrate into that. Believe me discretion here pays off!!

I worked for mainly for a major life insurance company and made a very good living on the least amount of work possible. My knowledge of taxes and my tax clients were soon all of my investment clients. After my kids were done with college I went on cruise control. Living off of residuals and finally left the formal business. About 10 years ago I started driving School Bus. It gave me full time benefits and I only work 180 days per year. I love kids and I love this job for an old guy you can’t beat it!

That has been me on the outside. On the inside I have many skeletons hiding. I have always been involved in larceny. I have always gotten away with it. It’s the juice in my veins. For the first 15 years of our marriage I was anything but true blue. I was never caught and still to this day, I still say I NEVER cheated on wife. All the side girls were just things I banged. I might like them but I only loved my wife. I never brought anything home and am glad that the wandering lust has died down.

On to a new caper…I drive by this Hydro shop every day for the last two years. I promise myself I will stop in some day. I do stop in and when I do I am amazed. I have always loved gardening but here in Florida it is impossible, Bugs crappy soil and nightime highs in the 80’s are not conducive to the stuff I like to grow! It then hits me right between the eyes…this shit isn’t all about Tomatoes! I smoked weed off and on during my adult life. I can’t smoke on this job because we have to agree to submit to random drug tests. Peeps have failed and they are terminated with no fan fare. The union can’t or won’t help you. They take your pension from you…seems like a lot to give up for some herb! But wait we have 10 weeks off in the summer and I plan on smoking my way through it from now on!

NICE!!! I order a KIND LED450 right then and I am off. I look at the Gorilla grow tents and know what they are meant for…sweet bud of god! I’m gonna shop for this stuff online. When I get home that day I look at the lights and am delighted to find that the KIND LED isn’t discounted below the $745 so even though I paid taxes on that purchase I didn’t get hosed too much. I order the tent…it comes before the light comes in.

What started out as a simple confession has turned into something of a little more substance. I have NEVER shared any of this with any of my friends or family. My operation will remain just that, mine. I have something that needs doing now so I will have to postpone the most interesting parts of this trip to later…LATER!


i thought there might have been a correlation between the potato famine and the marijuanna harvest story there but alas nae ta be private

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I love hearing the stories of people and how they got to where they are. Especially in this type of blog and from ones who have interacted and assisted me here. I am really interested in chapter 2. It’s also nice when one can articulate it very well.