Rechargedoes it really work

Yeah its nuts my buddy will price match if I can find stuff cheaper online we he sell it to me for that price and still give me a discount he hooks me up

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Isn’t great white going to be the same as Mykos?

Also when using recharge with RO water, wouldn’t you still need CalMag?


Kinda the same but not as good like spider farm and hlg great white is really good stuff. And i just do recharge itself. Just did a recharge watering this am.

Awesome I’ll start looking into it I do need some more roots

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No. Microbes doesn’t change ph so you don’t have to add cal mag to ph it. Since ro water is nutruel and takes on the ph of the soil adding recharge into ro water is just fine. No ph necessary no calmag necessary

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Yeah mang.

will recharge help poor outdoor soil all natural in the woods