RECHARGE questions about usage and frequency


RECHARGE need help with questions


Hell folks. I got a 160z recharge arriving tonight. After doing some reading, it seems like people are pleased with adding recharge to their grow. Of cousre, one guy says use it everyday but i dont trust that. Can anyone suggest a fr3qurncy of when to add recharge? Here my plants right now. So far ive only gave the plants .25 of the adved nutrients s3nsi grow a+b with a drop of superthrive.

Will recharge add to the other nutrients im using? I dont want to overload the plants. Seems like i cud drop all and just feed the plant recharge lol.

Anyhoo just need some advice from people that have success using recharge.


I use this but only when I have a ph lockout problem. I never used it regularly but the directions say half a teaspoon every 7 to ten days. I wouldn’t go over that.