Recent order declinded


Just TRIED to buy some Bubblegum beans – got an e-mail from ILGM stating payment declined.

Bank said no payment request came in from ILGM and my account has no problem with overseas requests.

Not off to a good start .



You’re banks security dept. Blocked the charge. That’s happened to me on every purchase. You will have to request the bank to allow the overseas charge. But of course don’t tell them what you are buying. Most banks in the US automatically block charges from overseas. Once you have requested the bank to allow the charge, then reply back to the email to let ILGM know to re send the charge.


Thats what I did the first time – rep said my account should have no problem with an overseas request –

Pain in the @@@



@MotaMan don’t give up I had to talk to the fraud dept. Trust me it’s worth the hassle.


You will most likely need to talk to the security/fraud prevention dept. Or if that’s more than you want to deal with. Just do the cash payment


Same here :frowning: but talked to my bank and it went thru…well worth any trouble in the beginning :slight_smile:


Hopefully there’s no problem this 2nd time. Hate hassles, just like to grow and smoke like we all do!



You know, ILGM says they have NEVER, not once had a problem with cash stuffed in an envelope! I would use some paper around it so it was not too obviously cash.


Filled out the contact from from the Support Team twice ! – no contact yet… Everyone is praising ILGM for a smooth process – this is anything but!



@MotaMan ILGM is a small operation. They only run normal business hours and they don’t answer support issues over the weekend. They will be in touch. A little patience is the answer!

I had the same issue on my last order and ILGM resubmitted it the second time and it went thru. My bank also claimed they didn’t block it, however they obviously did.

Remember with the new logon on the seedshop side, your order is saved to your account so it makes the process even easier.


Same happened to me even after I called the bank to tell them to expect the charge. Called a second time and it went through. It’s the bank not ILGM. @MotaMan It is pain, but has to be dealt with until it’s legal.


Weve all had this happen. Ive got one card that always goes thru with ilgm so its the one i use. Got turned down twice on two other cards but if i keep to the one…no problem.


Thanks for all the input guys / gals – but this is just one big hassle – They claimed I had a wrong CVC # - gave them the correct one and now the order is cancelled because of other card discrepancies – what a load of sht – I was a bean counter for 23 years – I know how to enter numbers… and at my age I know when I’m dealing with amateurs (otherwise I’d be dead or in jail)

There are other seed banks that have a far far greater variety of seeds – I’ve talked to other grower friends of mine. I will not patronize this sites store but will continue with the forum. Too bad – I wanted to win Bud of the Month… The info here is exceptional and people seem to be cool…

Thanks again