Received green tinted reflector with HPS fixture: IS CORRECT?

I am just wondering, and I believe I know the answer, that I ordered a 600 watt dimmable etc hps light fixture, the auction showed a silver non tinted reflector, then I received one that is tinted green! I believe that is wrong for high pressure sodium, the plants won’t soak up the light for flowering, OR maybe this is how it is supposed to be, but I don’t believe so, unless there is some sort of secret I never read or seen on youtube, etc. It would in theory shine green reflected light, and the hps, unsure what hue that would be, reddish with green, ha, ya know.

hey Bud, not to sound like a smart ass… is it possible that there is a peel off scratch protection film on it?
I am sure that you know that plants reflect the color green…

Oh my God, thanks, I figured it out thanks to your help, it is indeed a green plastic film. I feel so stupid, I even emailed the sellers about this. I mean, its dark in my living room and it just so looked like anodizing. Thanks a whole lot, I appreciate it.

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Good question. I have never seen that, but honestly have to yield to…Are you sure it is not a tight piece of protection film? As mentioned

How about a pik?

Yeah, as already mentioned, it was pointed out that it was a tight fitting piece of film. I wonder how many folks started using one of these reflector lights, not knowing and a newby, and came back later to find a melted piece of plastic film ruining their bulb, or worse, a fire. I myself had already read that green light is not absorbed, so I was up in arms about it, but imagine if I had been someone who just does things without doing a lot of reading, best case scenario just needing a new bulb, worse case, ole smokey in the grow room.

Sorry I missed that the 1st time. Glad you caught on in time. Peace