Received double my order

The day after I ordered my seeds there was a sale BOGO. I commented to customer support that it was typical of my luck. I received my seeds apx. 15 days after it was shipped and it was doubled, who does that. How great is Bob Bergman and his team.
Plus the ILGM forum has been a gods send, I am a newbie to growing and literally had no clue. Well the advice and support from fellow growers has been invaluable to me.
This is the best site ever and a great team for support.
Thank you to all.


Sign of a very good company - 10 stars !!!

Yea I’m a very happy customer as well! Haven’t bought any seeds from them yet, but I absolutely love the Lab and the people in the community that help give advice and info. It inspires me to be a better grower and learn as much as possible from everyone!