Recap : Lost Smell

Hey my fellow growers. I just thought I’d let you know what I discovered why I think I lost the smell on my first harvest. I just completed my second harvest and this time it was all love at first taste. I keep up with everything I do to my girls by keep a record. Well my first one I did everything wrong. 1. I let my girls stretch .2. Over feed which caused nutrition burn.3. Went by the pistils instead of reading the tricomes leaves .4. Pulled to early. 5. Didn’t let it get dry enough. 6. Didn’t P H my water. Well I did all of these thing correctly the second time around.I’m indoors so I have feeding trays with my pots and I feed once a week, for two days and they where dry the rest of the week. And let me tell you. It is so important to do all of these things if you want a good crop. I’ve listen to the support team and found my way . So a BIG THANK THE TEAM, all of them. My friends all I can say is listen to them they will lead you to the promise smoke.

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Welcome to the community! I’m glad you were able to harvest such a good crop, great job! My first plant was awful as well, but each one after was better and better. It’s all about learning and putting that knowledge to use. Then learning some more haha! Hope you continue to have bountiful harvests my friend @Behigh


Thanks. I think this 60 year old man did good. i still haven’t gotten a full yield as of yet. But the third time is a charm they say. Right ?

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@ Behigh the more light and the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits . But intense light is the key to mass weight ?


All of us have gone through the same thing at one time or another.
Its a learning experience that’s for sure. And when you have a support team like here at ILGM you can’t go wrong.
Please keep us up on future grow you do.
And yes as Ktreez stated Welcome to our world


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This is the growers Facebook & Twitter ?


Thanks. I use hsp lights and also have hanging lights for the lower part of the tree. Big buds and not to airy.

I read that increasing air flow and reducing temperature will avoid airy buds.

Like I said, the third times a charm.I do my grow form Aug. to Dec.or the first of the year. I found it’s hard to maintain correct room temp all the time unless I install ac. Only a small room 6 girls max not large enough.And my timer will be set 12/12 . I tried to go from 18/12 on this last time,so since my first one was set 12/12 and the only good thing was the buds were not as airy not that this is really all that airy. The buds are pretty dense. Wall mount16" fan !2’fan Down low and a 6" in the middle. Thinking of getting another 16" wall mount fan. I also have 2 *’ vent to pull heat and fumes out into a carbon filter.So I’m learning everything I can. And Just because crop was good this time I know I can get better .And I thank all who advise helpful information.

@Behigh I run two inline fans now a very large 440 cfm 6 inch pulling air out and a 190 cfm 4 inch bringing air with variable switches which give me more control on Temperture in my super small grow space which is 2x2x5 .


Man I was just telling my wife that! We share a Facebook and I never get on to much drama but this place oh I’m home​:joy::joy::100:

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Ya man I’m sorry you got the wrong guy. I don’t even have a face book account,nor tweeter. Sorry. But it’s good to talk with my fellow growers.This was and old, old, old topic. things a hella lot better.Thanks to ILGM and the support team.Talk with you later. Keep the green thumd.