Reasons for Webbed leaves

Can anyone tell me why my plant is growing webbed leaves?

Called ducks foot. Some outside growers prefer it since it doesn’t resemble a normal pot leaf


i think that’s caused by genetics. i want to see the full grow and harvest on this one

Look up a strain called “Frisian Duck”.


Waterworld? Does it have gills, too? :grinning:

Cool. I’ll keep you up to date on this one. Thanks

@jackowhee has an awesome pic of that plant in flower

Example of My Outdoor Grow 2018 - Using this Technique



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Still 2 or 3 weeks out from optimal cropping/harvesting.

I want to go and crop her before I feck-up so much hard work.

Hold on.

Stay firm and work to deliver the crop you deserve.

Self-encouragement and pep talk.

I know…deeply insecure.

That looks awesome :+1:t2:
Hope I can get mine that nice. Is it a common stain and easy to find?


Search Google

Even Bergman has published a review.

That’s why I went with it.

Are those budsites black??

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Dark purple… the colour seems to indicate the amount of natural anti-freeze.