Reasonable Price on Autoflower seeds

Hello all, I want to do autoflowers on my next grow. Anyone know of any reasonable priced and reliable seed banks? Where you can get more than 3 seeds for $50.00.


? You can get 20 autoflower seeds for $110-150 depending on strain for about the next 4 hours on this site. Go under deals and find one of the strains on sale.

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Garden of green . Eu , is definitely what your looking for they double every seed order so order 5 for say $50 dollars you will receive 10. Plus extra seeds in every pack so the 5 pack will actually have 7 then the double seeds. So by ordering 5 after everything final count 14 seeds for a 5 seed order. And they grow well this is a sweetberry cough auto from those seeds.

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Attitude seed bank is running a decent deal on sweet seeds +1 seed with every 3(22$) and +2 with every 5 (35$) their crystal candy xl auto is supposed to be top tier and devil cream and black cream are also supposedly FANTASTIC

@SKORPION you serious man iv been paying 10 for 100 I love :heart: growing marajuana or if lucky 10 $10 twenty you get points at stuff though bronze gold diamond member

@SKORPION garden of what? Europe? @SKORPION they in USA?

@Quarinteen I like that deal can you hook me up a lot more variety to

Here is the seed order i placed the final price was 325 us dollars. Gardenofgreen but not. Com. It’s a. Eu

Final count 162

Gorilla/white widow (10) ordered 3
Super skunk kush (10) ordered 3
Green crack (16) ordered 5

Girl scout cookies. (16) ordered 5
Sweetberry cough. (16) ordered 5
Cookies n cream. (16) ordered 5
Blueberry cookies. (16) ordered 5
Critical 2.0 xl. (16) ordered 5
Kush mass. (16) ordered 5
Super skunk. (30) ordered 10
@kcj @Quarinteen

And how the hell are you going to chose which strain to grow?? :joy::joy:

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Random draw

Let me see. I need 4 seeds per grow. it takes 3 to 4 months. That is 12 to 16 seeds per year. I wonder who I should bequeath the remaining seeds to. Oh, I’m good. I have yet to have 100% germination success.

Right I lose 1out of 5. The biggest problem is they only carry a limited number of strains.

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I wish I had seen this lol. Thank you for that. I found a site called they have normal seeds 10 for $50 and BOGO but no autos :frowning:

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That is awesome how long do the seeds take to get to the states?

I have only done 1 grow so far so I’m no expert by any means, but what I did last time was I popped the seeds 1 at a time. They were feminized so no worry there, and I did have 100% germination luckily. Then I just waited a few weeks and cloned 6 off of it once they all rooted I didn’t need the original but I grew it anyways. I had some normal seeds that I did end up with males from but I took the sacs from them once they had them. I didn’t notice they were males until 2 weeks into flower. I kept the sacs and froze them. I want to get some autos now and see if I can cross breed them for my own seeds.

I think I got half in 2 weeks the rest the following week. I remember waiting a week after the first one because the one I wanted to start first was in the second shipment. I think I had to look them up on facebook then there’s a link to there website if you can’t find it.

I checked out the garden and their autos are all under 20%. I have noticed every auto I have seen is like that is there any autos that you can get 25%+ from?

Maybe seedsman but on garden the expert gorilla auto is 23 and the mimosa lemon is 24. I generally don’t look for the highest thc most of the seeds I have seen really high make you pay ridiculous prices per seed.

I just found a site that seems reasonable. I am also nervous with new sites though. Has anyone used Here is what I found.

First thing that pops out is if it’s such a high thc and if they are a good seed company, why is there only one review?