Really i'm out of room


I looked and couldn’t find an answer to my problem. I have a plant that’s in flower that has almost tripled in size and I only accounted for it doubling in size. lol. So, my plant is all bent and I’m unsure what to do as I worked hard to get her to this point. lol. I don’t know if I should cut it down to size or just leave it and pray or what. lol. Any help is appreciated as this is my second grow and my first grow never made it this far because I got sick. I can’t put it outside because it’s still too cold and they will freeze. Thanks again.


How far into flower are you? If you’re not too far along, you can supercrop the branches and gain some distance between your light and the plant. Have any photos of her?


I would pray to the cannabis gods because I would not know what to do.


2 weeks into flower and I can get some pictures but I don’t have any yet she’s super skinny and tall. lol.


We will have you fill out a support ticket and then fill it out the best you can, post some pics, and we will see what we can do. Sound good? Welcome to the best forum in the :earth_americas:


If your 3 weeks from light flip , you can still gently tie some branches down… start slowly by gently pulling the tallest tops over with some garden string a couple inches a day every day depending on how hard your stems are , until you get them where you want them… :wink:
In the future I would recommend that you scrogg your plants… :wink:

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Post some pictures @peachfuzz is on point just be gentle


I mounted some 1/2 inch pvc piping so I could pull down gently on the higher branches. This plant has been on a 12hr schedule for just over a week now and I’m hoping I won’t have that problem this time


Only 2 weeks sense you flipped the switch you should be able to supercrop but you should still be limber enough to tie branches down just be easy


Are they autos or photos? If you can post pictures I’m sure someone can help.


I would opt for LST over a supercrop at this point, but I’m a little overprotective once they start to flower.


I dint super crop in flower myself only in veg


I have up to the end of 2nd week with ok results