Really strange year


Howdy Folks, t has been a really strange year, i have had quite a lot of plants gone to head already, finished and picked and dried, this is pretty bizarre going on past experience, usually it is not until late march early April (southern hemisphere) that this happens, i could understand maybe 1 or 2 might go a bit weird but there has been over 50 plants do this, odd thing is that the rest of the crop is going as per normal. do you think it might be a climate thing, i really don’t get how a photoperiod plant can seemingly disregard the sunlight hours like they have, got me stumped.


Can you explain what this means, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. All kidding aside I’m not familiar with the term “gone to head”


@bob31… Maybe Bloomed or Flowered? I guess you never want to speculate.


Yep, Bloomed, Flowered, finished done, all of those


Did the 50 that you harvested start flowering at the same time as the others? What strain?

Is it possible they sent you autoflowering seeds? If you got them from ilgm you can log into your account on the seed shop side and verify your order and then double check your packaging.


That is the strange thing, they were all planted within a month of each other, definitely not Autos as i bred the feminized seeds myself via colloidal silver method, They were all Mekong High.


@zeuss000 Mornin’ No you aren’t imagining things My oranges ripened in Dec. and usually it’s around march or so, my lemons are on their second crop (?) my limes have fruited and working on new ones. They all had an overabundance of seeds, the oranges may have a seed here and there but not like this. The trees around here haven’t completely shed and this is a fall thing, so no there is something weird goin’ on. :woman_farmer:t4:


Damn Global Warming


Not disputing climate change at all - definitely legitimate science. But in the case of photos, I wonder how much it changes things. Since the plants are reacting primarily to a change in light, could it be something to do with copious overcast days or similar?

That said, I don’t know enough about the biology of these plants to know how much environmental temperature also plays a factor in flowering onset and/or length.


@nostril, I was just popping off with that Global Warming remark.


I’m in the southern hemisphere also & I’ve got 2 that have ignored the photoperiod logic also & shown themselves as females the other 6 are having none of it oh did have 1 Male show but the rest are waiting for more darkness. No idea as to why this has happened either.