Really skinny seedling stem

Hi all, 1st post and 1st grow.
The base of my auto northern lights is so thin, This is after a week and a half. any thoughts?

To fix this stretching problem you have to bring your light source closer to the plant but not to the point where it burns it. Also you want a fan blowing on the plant so the stem thickens and strengthens . Whenever you transplant into a bigger pot bury the stem a little further . @lazza. look at my grow they are almost 3 weeks.

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Light source closer, stabalize your temps and humidity, also add a small fan to add a positive stress to thicken up hope this helps, and a tip, although red spectrum is used for flower of you can get a lower red light that doesn’t shine over the blue it will help roots grow faster


i gently squeeze the stim but not to hard. It helps i read it. Hehe

Pretty sure thats super cropping buddy if you hear a pop when you squeeze, your super cropping your plant

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Good advice but look at 1/4’’ from the bottom, it’s 1/2 the thickness of the rest of the stem.
This will be an outdoor plant and I have it under an LED indoors until it’s strong enough to brave the elements.

Ph of your water ? Could be blocking important natural nutes inn the little guy. Over watering maybe also.
I don’t squeeze till i hear a pop. But gently pressure on the stim. It’ll bounce back. :grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:

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Using rain water so PH shold be ok,
Could you please elaborate on the stem squeezing thing?

kabongster, you could be right with the damping off

Hope not, but we all fear it.

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I don’t remember where i read it or if it was a YouTube video. I’m trying to find it.
After the second set of leaves start i GENTLY squeeze the stim in the middle. Not enough to pop or break it. Just a little pressure. I read, it causes it to repair the straw part of the stem so it can drink and get nutes. Ugh. I’ll try to find the info for you.

I really wish i could find that info. It’s bothering me now. LOL i watched so many videos before i found this forum. These guys saved my plants so many times. I’ll find it…hope it’s still upright.

If you guys at least take into consideration the ideas I through out you could get it to thickin up in no time and help cause a positive stress to the root base at the same time

I did heed your advice and I have a fan going with a close light when its not out in the sun and natural breeze.
but Its not looking good

Tie a piece of string to the plant and tie it to one of the strings running acroos so it has tension to hold it back at the same time as blow it in the wind

Boron is a nutrient that helps with plants stocks and potassium helps increase stress tolerance, and if a plant lacks boron you’ll also get tall and spindley growth, also tall and spindley growth could be caused because your plant is ready for transplant

In ilgm guides on here i found the same concept behind my squeeze.
" A simple solution to this problem is to bend the stem back and forth. While this might seem to put a lot of stress on the plant, it actually forces the stem to tear and then rebuild in that space. The stems become much sturdier as a result." By Robert Bergman
For future reference., this squeeze and bend is a preventive measure. I should have been clear on my first post. Once the dampening starts like yours it can be to late.
Also i found this guide for the future also.

My second grow now, and with the fan, not over watering , and the heighth of the light i don’t have this issue.
Good luck. Hope it’s doing better today.

sorry to hear…

get fresh seedling soil, from a store that DOES NOT store it outside in the rain.
keep it clean…I hope you have more seeds :seedling:

She’s gone. It was damping off so nothing could be done.
I do have one more seed but Ill wait a while.
Thank you all for your input :slight_smile:

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Best of luck on the next one my friend you’ll get it