Really not a grow question, just hoping- using leftovers from infusion

Does anyone have any tips on uses for the leftover weed, when infusing either coconut oil or butter, when you strain the infused oil. I hate waste, and there should be something that could be done. If anyone has tried using it in any way, I would like to know.


You can add it to recipes, use it as a topping, pretty much whatever you want to pair it with.

If you had a high weed to butter/oil ratio, another extract might be wise too since the fat can only hold so much thc anyway.

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If you don’t like waste, look into doing alcohol (QWET) extractions: that will pull almost everything out of the plant material. Unlike using oil.


QWET or FECO are my go to. Also taste less of the weed / chlorophyll.

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If you want near zero waste then BHO is where its at.
Alcohol is great but butane is king :grin:.

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