Really Harsh smoke

A friend of mine gave me some nice tight buds. They smell great and seemed to be dried perfect. The problem is, the stuff is harsh. I cough every time I smoke it and I’m bummed. Is there anything anyone can think of that can help it be a little smoother. I think he said it was Banana Kush? Never heard of it. Thanks!!

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ilgm now offers banana kush i believe,have you run it through ice water bong?


No, don’t have one. I have it in a mason jar and was going to try open the jar a few times a day and see if that would help.

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Fill your bong with ice. I put ice in any bong on a hot day. Its 41C today and my Gatorade bottle bong is filled to the top with ice.

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If the bud was grown in harsh fertilizers it will be harsh. Was the ash black? If so, there’s only making kief IMO.