Really dark leafs

What toxicity is guy can anyone leafs are also brital they crack easy

Picture please.

I’m still pretty new but with those super dark leaves and the brown tips, my first thought is nitrogen toxicity.


Thats what i was thinking but im not to sure

I also agree. Dark, waxy looking leaves Is a sign of too much nitrogen from my readings on the forum.

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Hmmm ima look into that cause there on there 6 week of flower i hope it dosent effect them to much

What are you feeding?

Your plants looks great BTW

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Thanks ive been truying this new product well new to me and i like it alot here’s the link

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Cut back on your base nutes for sure. Maybe just PH’d water with a lil cal mag for the next watering too

You think that should help it??
Im going to give it a try cause today is there next watering

Looking damn good man

Then for sure… check your run off too. You might want to flush.

I only do 4 gallons at a time there in nothing but water no soil nd my ph its always 6.2

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For hydro, I’m not the guy. Sorry man. I’m not sure what you should do. You should back off on the nutes, I’m just not sure how much.

@Siksr might know, or he may know who to ask.

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That looks like nitrogen toxicity to me, I’d ease a bit on the nutes.
Also, you want your ph to be closer to 5.8 with hydro.

Hmmm ok im try to lower the ph once the plant goes back to normal should the leaves change or are they to far gone?

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I would get ph in range as soon as you can