Really bushy plant on my first grow, does this look ok?

Hi all, this is a pic at 5 weeks and 2 days. Her tips were pointed down a little so I stopped feeding and have just been on water for a few days now. I’m wondering how she looks? To me she seems a lot bushier than what I’ve seen and I was still planning another 3 weeks of veg? Do I need to put a trellis in right now? Or can it wait until I flip?

Looking at how to add a photo. I’ll post this then the pic.


This is my first ever grow. But I read a lot and spent some money on the setup. Although, my light doesn’t have separate settings for white, blue, red… do I need that?

The top is uber bushy… got that way after I fimmed… not sure if I fimmed right. let’s be honest.

She looks great. Just keep doing what your doing. Nothing wrong with a big ole bush. If you don’t plan on weaving the plant in and out of the net then just hold off on that. Finish vegging and she will stretch vertically when you flip to 12 12. I’d worry about the net then.

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What kinda light you working with? A lot of good ones don’t have any switches for red and blue.

It’s a viparspectra 300w. I have two 2x2 with one each of those that I’m using for vegging two plants separately. Did that because i used a cropped seed on one plant before I got my order of bought seeds (got antsy after reading and buying a setup). The one above is the cropped plant and i want to make sure it is female before I flower them together in a 2x4x6 with a visparspectra 600w. The bought seed is about one week behind the cropped one. Pic to follow.

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That’s a respectable light and plenty of power for the space. You should be in good shape…edit I’m googling it and only seeing blurple now is it a white light that’s what I thought we were talking about

Hey @Eagles009 thanks for the convo so far. The lights present as an intense white. I’m gonna link the light from amazon I don’t think that breaks the rules of this forum. I’m planning to use the 600w in a bigger tent when it is time to flower. Also trying to figure out how tall it should be before I flower. I think i have just 2.5 weeks to go in veg.

Doesn’t have to be a certain height to flower. The only reason height would matter for flowering is if you are going to run out of vertical room with pre flower stretch taken into consideration. If you have plenty of vertical room then you can veg until whatever height you desire. I don’t really know much about those lights u linked there but I would look around at some lighting threads around here before you drop money on a bigger version of that.

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Thanks for the advice. I already have 2 of these small ones and a 600. My plants look good, at least so far in veg. But I’ll definitely look at the light forums.

Yes vips are good they work but if u want good fat buds with quality taste. These are not the lights for tge job. I have a 600 and 2 dimmable 300s and 700 growstar with cree cobb lights and they work but nothing like what these guys are gonna throw at you. Hlg135 for ur 2x2 would work great. Anyone gonna throw hlg at u because it gives the best product for the best prices they use amazing chips and drivers. Good luck. Im on for a switch next month ill let u know the differences i notice from light changes. Im sure there will be big differences lol

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Cool. Thanks for that. Really just started this to see if viable. (Could I do it and not have my fiancé be angry) and she’s ok with the small setup. The lights I bought were like $70 each for the 2x2 and 120-140? Fir the 600 that I put in the 4x2. 5’ high.

So I’m totally cool with getting new lights and the price of the ones you linked don’t seem too bad. I’m gonna study lighting now that I know this is a hobby I’ll keep.

Well maybe after I learn more about nutrition. And perlite mixing. These first two plants 100% happy frog cause I didn’t know to mix perlite in. Seedling popped today though and they will get a good soil mix.

But yeah nutrition is another matter. I was feeding half dose of veg feed (not home and don’t remember brand) and the tips turned down and a couple of the very tips got yellow/burned? So I switched to just water since then. Ow they look better.

I’m worried that when I flip them. I won’t know how to feed them. I have bloom feed but my experience during veg was less than ideal.

Just keep asking for he keep here. We got your back!

Talk to @dbrn32. He is the light god around here. He will get u the right setup for sure. Thats how i got my ideas pretty much him @Covertgrower @Cannabian they are all great on here. Soak it up. I am


Eagles, that isnt correct. When growing under artificial light, there very much is a limit to plant height with respect to light efficiency and penetration. If you had 20 foot cielings it would not allow for taller plants any more than 12 foot cielings. The limiting factor with indoor light is penetration. Therefore, the only real reason to grow plants taller with indoor lights is to facilitate easier lollipoping and better airflow, the canopy will still only be a couple feet thick max! That said, some folks do grow tallish plants but with diminishing returns on the lower parts of the plants.


Well said!

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my intent is not to disprove a comment but to clarify the reality for new growers. Indoors is very different from outdoors. Plants are grown differently because of penetration and rapidly diminishing light energy from the source. The sun, however, does not lose intensity from the top of the plant to the bottom, it is all the same. It does still have issues with penetration though, and so for that reason the interior of large plants are typically cleaned out. Also air mivement is improved as well as a reduction in mold / mildew due to dead leaves rotting inside the plant. Also, the interior bud sites are generally not worth growing out so removing those improves outer buds.


Good info @Cannabian I appreciate your time.

To be clear, the bud sites are the little pre- flowers
In the cross sections of branches and I should remove which ones?

There seems to be a lot if varying info in videos I’ve watched about how/when