Really big fan leaves cut or leave?

Ned help 3rd grow first from seed.
I got this skywalker og that has the biggest fan leaves near top but yet im at 12’’ tall. Its literally bigget than my hand… should i cut out to let groth undernesth get light?! Or leave it??

Pics would help, but I vote leave it.

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I thought it attached 1st time

Leave it! Stat some training.

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Leave it no need to defoliate til right before switch. Lst would be a great idea

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Nope, don’t cut anything.

You can bend/push/tuck leaves to let the light shine on other parts of the plant. :+1:


Leave it, don’t cut fans until we’ll into flower that’s what makes your plants grow.

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Thanks i knew i get straight answer…yes traing was next on ageda. Topped her a week ago if you couldnt tell.

Thanks again guys/gals

I agree with the others, leaves not hurting anything right now.