Really afraid of Getting Caught

I agree, rules 1-10 don’t tell anyone!

That being said, in most places more plants=more trouble. So always keep that in mind.

Another thing that probably wouldn’t hurt, is to build/buy some sort of stealth grow box. Options are limited on the web, and depending on how paranoid you are, big brother could always be watching. Grow tents are easy, but having one anywhere in your home is very conspicuous.

Building one doesn’t require a lot of skill, but being handy can really change the dynamic of your box. And a little ingenuity can go a long way. I’ve seen them in pc towers, cabinets, converted furniture, speakers, and lots more. A Google search should give you lots of options.


if you tell no one and I mean no one… there is only one way to get caught.

Stealth. Out of sight out of mind. Put a lock on the door so someone doesn’t stumble in on it. keep the shades closed. to that room.

Stealth includes Smell. Buy a carbon filter and exhaust fan and have it ready to go at the first hint of a smell. I live in a free state and i can smell MJ in my neighborhood from the house three streets away. I know exactly what house it is coming from.


Thank you, thank you all.


@Rdcooper23 R :blush: Welcome To THE Grow club!

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I agree , it’s you telling people that will get you into trouble first… second is smell… I can smell my house from 2 blocks away depending on which way the wind is blowing… :wink:
That’s why I live in the middle of nowhere , also live in a medical State where it can be legal as long as all taxes and rules and regulations are followed… :wink:
It costs me roughly $450 bucks a year to stay legal… :wink:
It’s the price I have to pay until we get legalized …
Anything under 10 plants in verious stages shouldn’t be a problem… :wink:
Anything over that , they might want to make an example out of you… just depends on where you live… :wink:
Good luck , hopefully you can find your way to self preservation for you and your wife… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


There’s lots of illegals here. Where I live you can carry guns, swords or a machete legally down the street but OMG, marijuana? So limited to indoor grow. Think most here are only doing it for self & family.
People I’ve told: Hubby as he lives here.
My daughter, in case of police though highly unlikely.
Everyone on this forum. We’re all proud parents of our girls & you can show them & boast all ya want.


A very small percentage of legal growers most of us are flying in that risk reward zone some simple facts your dealer gets or grows theirs? they are just as if not more likely to get caught everytime you visit them you are exposed to risk for who knows what grade and what expense. Honestly it’s a calculated risk when most signs can be reduced or prevented easily a savings and quality control. Deeper insight into the uses and returns of entire plant less exposure :wink:


I also live in a state where it’s illegal. I googled the laws in my state and found that if it is less than 5 plants it’s a misdemeanor. Even that would be bad, but the likelihood of my getting caught is pretty slim. Fortunately I own my home (not renting) and have a good, secure room in my basement for my grow.

I agree with everyone else - no telling anyone. I have told my husband only.


It will be fine and you will LOVE smoking your own product. I grow one plant at a time with a 400watt MH/HPS system. I have to run a window AC unit and extraction fan for heat reduction.
My monthly electricity bill increased by maybe $30 per month so no real expense. Just make sure you do all you can to eliminate/ reduce smell. It’s actually easy
My goal was to be self sufficient and the plan is working better than I ever expected.
Good luck and this growing thing is very cool.
Read all you can get in this site cuz some great info and great people when questions arise


I know in California, police used to get a list of people with electric bills that have gone way up. So that’s a way you can be caught even if you tell nobody. Don’t go crazy on lights/production and do something like buy a second hand electric spa. You don’t have to use it but it is a great excuse if police come around asking why your electric bill went up.

Also make sure there is NO sign of your lights from the outside. If they watch your house and see some lights come on for 18 hours a day at regular times, that is a dead giveaway.

Buying stuff online might get you caught. I bought some fertilizer on Amazon and now they keep on popping up and emailing me growlight ads. So they know what I’m doing, and they can sell that list to anybody. Fortunately I’m medical and legal, so I’m not worried.

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Thanks for the advice and heads up.

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<-illegal here! I hope they don’t try to deport me😂! Seriously, I do say that silence is key.


@Onlythebest79 … yeah it’s a hard thing not to tell anyone that’s the thing. Thanks for this post…good advice! Shhhhh :wink:

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A good tent and ventilation with adequate filters, oh and make sure you shut the hell up about it. :wink:



It’s not that hard to me to keep secret

1 either grow all you want keeping to self or
2 tell and go to jail

You Choose and Much love to you

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