Really afraid of Getting Caught


So I live in a state where it is illegal to get caught with, let alone growing. I would like to grow a single plant, indoors. I believe the weed I grow will be better than the crap i buy. Convince me I will be ok?


Lol! Me too. But imo it has to do with where your heart is. I’m doing this for the medical aspects of it. I’m not in it to sell and get “rich”. My main reason is that if shtf, where am I going to get meds at? Painkillers? My wife has a lot of med issues. And if I can’t get meds what will I do… that is my reasoning. The law? It’s a plant. I can grow poppies and nothing will happen. It’s Ludacris and a double standard that the boss doesn’t want competition and wants his cut in all things…


I grow in a country where it is illegal also and I have been growing since March, on my 3rd grow, growing for medication and I love cannabis and I’m on lots of nasty tablets that I want to get off of, I have already paid for my set up with what I have saved, and remember the 1 golden rule, don’t tell anyone, and you can get all the help you need on this site, my first grow just one plant, over a pound yeild, durban poison, 2nd grow gold leaf, one plant, over 10 ounces yeild, I am on my 3rd grow now and this time I’m doing 4 plants, I bought my grow tent as a complete set up, put it together and away you go


Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone Don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone don’t tell anyone

You should be good


@Rdcooper23 me too my state is illegal, I grow inside and keep my mouth shut :zipper_mouth_face:. Nobody I mean nobody outside this form knows I grow. A good tent will help with that radar blimp. Other than that keep your mouth shut.

First rule of grow club … don’t talk about grow club.

Second rule of grow club… shut up :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh and about $350 should get you a nice tent light carbon filter cfm fan. I’m in an illegal state also and on my second grow of 4 WWA’s


These are the golden rules to not getting caught


Number One Rule…
If you tell NO One, NO One will know!


Yeah there’s plenty of us secret growers all over the world, so I hope you decide to join the club and now you know the rules aswell


Thanks everyone


Its also illegal in my country, and I grow outside,last grow was 11 plants, all mixed in with my veggies, and I haven’t been busted as I follow the 3 simple rules ,
1.don’t tell anyone.
2.don’t tell anyone.
3.keep it to yourself, and tell no one.
Follow these rules and you should be fine.


Best advice ever !!!


If you have to tell someone because we all want to. Pick up your phone log into this site and tell everybody on here. They will keep it a secret and they’ll help you and talk you all the way through it. They might not respond right away but you will get your answers just be patient with everyone and you’ll get all the info you need!!! I stand by that as they these lovely ladies and gentlemen have helped me from A to Z. Remember what’s good for everyone here might not be good for you. So take the info that you think will work best for you take notes on what you did and improve on the next grow from the notes of your previous grow.


So @Rdcooper23 ,have you made a decision whether to join our club and become a criminal lol, great thread though there are a lot of us who have obviously had to way up the odds, the pro’s and con’s, and decide what is best for your situation


So have you tell me tell me I’ll only tell everyone on this site


First topic I’ve seen. With this… impeccably honest and obvious feeling everyone illegally growing has. 1. I am growing cannabis illegally for personal use
(First ever grow, seen 1 small baby plant before and I had a small hemp one on my windowsill at 16 and I think my mum killed it on purpose)
2. 11 plants
3. Had sleepless nights
4. Done hydro and then switched to soil
5. Grew this much so I can stack up for a year and never have to worry about running out (ridiculously high tolerance) and I thought rubadubdub it, I’m done paying 10 bucks a g for quality let’s do this.
Gone through HID to led, stupid noisy assed air pumps!! Arghhh! And more sleepless nights.
Had a helicoter flying around a few times, considered dumping them all at 3am ect… been there bro.
End of the day all my bull s#/t is just my experience,
1 plant is certainly personal so i wouldnt worry, every time you s$!t yourself just think… imagine if I invested 80% of my net worth into it, which would be confiscated… (I’m poor) and chose to x 11 in scale. Mines now all hidden underground, off property and I am happy to say… It’s over. Is it worth it? He’ll yeah, is it scary? Yes… Not so much if you’ve only got one plant, and are prepared and done research on what happens if your caught in your state. Ive genuinly cried worrying about being caught, not afraid to say that if i did then I’d walk out smiling, so… good luck to you fellow human just trying to be happy and live ones life, and not be judged and ruled by man made laws that a man worth no more than you or I decided for us. @$!# the system. I’m damned if i give a s@$t if they wsnt to lock me up for not harming anyone, viva la reveloution. Peace.


i have mailed my funds for seeds. waiting for them to recieve and send them
to me. have all my supplies in a wish list on amazon.


Welcome to the dark side! @Rdcooper23 :seedling::sunglasses:


P.s if your in need while waiting for the first one… Google dream market place, darknet. Sells everything illegal but they are moral, no weapons or date rape ect. My friends grandmas brother can personally vouch for it, and buds are crazy cheap compared to street and better quality. Reviews like amazon. All steps and security measures easy to find online. Golden ticket right there sir. (Even had rick Simpson oil!) Not sure if it was real but it was amazing, my friend said.
Also it is so tempting to tell a close friends. A brother or sister, wife or husband, but judge if that person is as under the radar in society as you. Minimal or none wins you the… sun?


Best advice I can give now is study ph and get a good ph meter with calibration solution 7.0 with out that it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Growing inside ph is the key to your plant. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: and happy growing.