Real newbie at white willow


@C1roll1smoke1…wet paper towel germination…=…simple.
Place seeds on wet paper towel folded in half to cover. Keep moist…will germinate in two days.
When tap root is 1/4" long put in soil with top of head bare showing. Mist twice a day. If it gets too long…support with a pipe cleaner loosely looped around the stem.

^^^fertilized media is a mistake for a newbie. Best if you control the nutes and adjust as needed.
Experienced growers sometimes go all natural, but, these are folks with EXPERIENCE.

Manufacturers feeding schedules will turn your plants to burnt toast. They have no idea what you are growing. Start at 20% of feeding schedule and adjust as needed. You can always add more. Too much one time makes toast. Took me many toasting to realize this.


@C1roll1smoke1 You don’t need the plastic baggie. Just keep the paper towel wet. Buy some seed starter soil for when the tap roots sprout. It should be about 2 days.


Thx all for info…

The girls are in moist towels , waiting for their heads to pop out. The responses have been awesome , thx to all (you guys have made me feel like a member in your team) pufff, puff and pass…


In preparing for the future I have been told either to purchase 5 gallon Home Depot buckets or purchase fabric pots. Please give me your opinion on whether to go traditional (5gallon bucket or fabric pot and why). With the buckets it does involve making holes and all.
Presently I am leaning on purchasing the ones I saw on amazon (I have listed them below) they have received really good reviews.

Garden4Ever Grow Bags 5-Pack 5 Gallon Aeration Fabric Pots Container with Handles


I have had success with 5 gallon buckets but I am moving on to Fabric bags. I have seen good results with them… Only issues I know of with fabric bags is that you will need to water more often, but that is because they breath better. It’s a good thing.


:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5: This. Ive also always grown in 5 gallon ceramic pots or buckets. But will be moving onto fabrics. As stated above the only downside seems to be they need more watering. Ceramics (no matter how many holes) always seem to hold onto water longer and i have plenty of perlite to kinda offset it. But fabrics seem to grow better. Also i think its easier to transplant from ceramics. So maybe 1 gallon ceramics in between plastic starter cells and 5 gall fab pots. If you planned on moving them in stages


I agree with the bags. My WWs seem to be loving the bags.


My cannabis family, c1roll1smoke1 here for day 3 progress report:

I want to start off by making it public knowledge: you guys who have given me advice are absolutely brilliant. This is my 3rd attempt at getting the girls to come alive. The first 2 resulted in absolute annihilation of 7 girls. The reason why? Because I was ignorant in believing that just by reading I would have a monster crop. Boy that big head of mine. Everything in life happens for a reason. That being that I could allow myself to be a student of this forum.

I want to thank you for Being willing and open to sharing your vast knowledge on this topic.

And now the report: all 4 seeds that I put in the paper towels in a ziplock in a dark closet have grown roots.


Further I followed instructions to the T:


They have been planted per specs you guys provided


I have even attempted to plant a survivor from my last disaster. So this grow is not my triumph but the communities grow. Without your input this would not have even occurred.

That being said, I await next set of instructions to ensure success


Day 3 report :

First let me give you actual environment that they are in. They are in a garage setting in the state of Florida. For those who are unaware, Florida in August is like entering the gates of hell ( ok a lil melodramatic). This is more to give you an idea of the type of heat girls will be exposed to.

I have an intake and exhaust fan that keep airflow going. Due to small siZe of grow tent, I can not get an ac that will fit in these tight quarters. Limiting the few ways I can adjust temp.

Any1out there have ideas on how to get tempature down in a grow tent. Please when answering read my present situation and equipment that I have placed before offering suggestions.

Lastly, I have grown lights about 6” above solo cups. As instructed previously, also these lights produce minimal heating;

Have a productive grow day…

C1roll1smoke1 out


Sad to inform my attempted revival of ww #5 is now gone…

I have sprayed the remaining 4 with water as I was educated earlier in the post.

I do have a question for any1 who can help. Tent cannot support portable AC, I have intake and exhaust fans… temp today was 95 degrees can anyone make a suggestion on how else to drop temp…?


The temperature is probably a good thing for germination, but once they sprout they are pretty delicate and picky. If you can put them in an enclosed space, somewhat, and create a draft through said space, that will give you more control over the temperature. But in the garage, you might have to pipe A/C from the house or something, into your grow space somehow.


And that light looks VERY close for seedlings. When they sprout i hope they dont fry… also is that Fox Farms ‘hot soil’ with nitrogen, wormcasting, meal, etc etc? If so GREAT CHOICE! However they may be a TAD too hot for seedlings. Do you have some basic potting soil?


Purpandgold74 and elheffe I want to thank you guys for your input. You are both correct about lighting and tempature. I have 4 more seeds, feel like my log on on should be c1-kill 4 seeds… lol :joy:. Non the less, try again. I saw your post after I reattempted to fix environment. So apologies for not taking your wisdom, I just did not know that you had responded. So here is new set up, Temp 79.1 , I used the fox farm soil ( sorry elheffe … I just didn’t see the response) lights 24” from seedlings I hope this lets my girls come alive . Thank you for your wisdom, continue to educate me, i sincerely appreciate your input.



Best of luck again! And no problem at all. Happy to help.