Real Amateur Starting off

Hi everyone,Fellow weed growers!I Will be taking a chance and diving in to learn this precious art of growing weed.I will post questions because i am trying to learn something new.So with that being said,I am learning all the new lingo and grow talk.I have been reading a lot of beginners post on here and i am gaining a wealth of information from the posts already,I can’t wait :blush: to begin my first grow…I will be purchasing a grow tent from Spider farm…2-4 kit.I hear that it will be okay to start off with from what i have been reading.Well i will be starting hopefully next week.I will need suggestions about soil,Nutrients and supplements for my grow.Thansk in advance…

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Sunday is a little quiet. You will find lots of help here.


okay,just wanted to say wuz up to everyone! in the forum and give my specs…For my first kit and grow.

Kit-Spider-Farmer 2x4
Light Sf -2000

Need recommendations for soil for germination and seedlings :seedling:

Welcome to the ILGM forum and to growing. You’ll have a lot of fun. Here’s a good place to start getting yourself educated.


It’s best to plan what medium you want to grow in. Like @MidwestGuy showed
Research before you jump in.

Fox Farm Happy Frog is a good beginner’s cannabis soil. Fox Farm also have a nutrient line called the trio, but Jack’s 321 is a popular option for nutes.

Lighting is the most important factor for a grow. The SF-2000 is one of Spider Farmer’s recently released models and it is a decent light, so I’m happy to see that you’ve selected that light.


Well I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt
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Let’s not get lost in the question asked.
Welcome aboard @UPSTATEZ
I just started these in a solo cup roots organic.
Soaked beans 24 hours.

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From here, I’ll let theses grows for couple weeks or till I see roots showing in this

Then I will transplant into medium

Is that just regular potting soil?Until transplant? just organic potting soil?

I am trying to get as much information as i can and thanks…

You may want to read the Experienced Growers as well. Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

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How do you know when to transplant into the bigger pots!? This is my first time, I grow a lot of other plants and I can swear these (clones) are showing signs of being root bound, or not getting enough oxygen to the root system? Tell me if I’m wrong here?! I’ve also been nervous to fertilize because I’m not positive what they are rooted in rn. I’ll attach a picture

Welcome @KayGreen - transplant them, long past due.

A good rule of thumb for knowing when to transplant is when the leaves extend beyond the sides of the pot on all sides.

On a side note, if you haven’t been able to figure out how to start your own topic, you need to be patient. After you spend a few hours looking around a “new topic” button magically shows up at the top of the window.

Ahh, okay. Thank you. I was wondering why I couldn’t post a topic. And I AGREE! They looked past due to me too but I was being told by the propagator to let them go another week!

@MidwestGuy that was the very first thing i did when i purchased my seeds.Thanks…

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Usyally as soon as the leaves touch or surpass the edges of the cup is a glood sign there is enough root to transplant. Doing these today in a few to 7 gal fab pots. Zkittlez autos

Edot sorry this pic is from a few days ago they r much bigger now lol.

Mine are roughly 9-10 inches from the edge of the cup

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