Ready yet? I have no idea what i'm doing!

I see amber on the sugar leaves but those mature faster, you want to let the ‘trichomes on the actual flower be your guide.

Hard to tell without more magnification but it looks to me like you are at 100% cloudy which mean you are at peak THC content so it’s time to harvest anytime between now and whenever you want depending on how much amber you want in your trichomes. More amber = stonier, more body high, more couchlock.

I just chopped my silver haze at about 25% amber… because that’s how I like it.


Way to hard to see clearly. Like @Deez said make sure youre getting all bud trich shots. And try again if possible. Bit less zoom for more clarity would be fine.

Congrats. Almost to harvest!

Buy a cheap jewelers loop so you can get a good look at the trichs. I usualy start my 7 to 10 day flush when they are fully cloudy.