Ready to top these plants?

This will be my first time topping.

I have read up on it and watched a few videos but am still a little unsure if it’s time ?

(Was considering main lining but want to get more experience first :-). )

These are Gold Leaf Fems, 27 days from seed today.

Safe to top? Thanks in advance, friends!


How many nodes does she have? I usually wait till 5 or 6, just because you want to make sure she is strong enough to handle it. She looks good though


Yes sir what @Hawkeye_diesel said . Good luck on your grow something to think about is fimming. I fimm instead of topping because it is not as stressful on the plant as I understand it


Thanks for the visual. I’m gonna save thst one


@Hawkeye_diesel they are just starting their 4th nodes - okay :ok_hand: I’ve got a bit of time :slight_smile:
Thanks @Oldstoner I always appreciate learning new ways/better ways!

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The easiest I have done it is 5 nodes and I believe I’ll wait till 6 from now on, just food for thought

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My tent is getting crowded!

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Topping or fimming is only going to make it more crowded. I thought I was going to control the size of my first grow by fimming or topping and every time I snipped something they got wider . It only controls height but if your tent is filling up side to side topping will only make it worse . I ended up getting a bigger tent so I can let them spread out. Good Luck


Ah thanks buddy! It’s crowded cuz I started these 2 a bit early and they are living with 2 WW about 4 weeks into flower :heart_eyes:. Once they come out, these 2 will have 4 x 2 x 4 and I think that should work?

Sorry for creating confusion there :v: